Plastilys sieves separate good from bad

The latest sieves from Plastilys feature an innovative design based on a thick, perforated, hexagonal grid, which is much stronger than existing wire sieves on the market.

They are made from high-quality materials, with galvanised steel and an additional anti-corrosion coating. The outer shell is made from a thick, impact-resistant plastic made from recycled plastic.

They are available in four sizes with two mesh diameters and are specifically designed to fit the Plastilys range of buckets, as well as most groundbait buckets on the market.

Something for everyone
Plastilys’ groundbait buckets are the French manufacturer’s best sellers and are available in four sizes: 13l,18l, 25l and 40l.

With its modern, efficient factory, the firm is particularly popular for OEM requests. Using existing shapes, Plastilys also offers many other customisable products to accompany its buckets, such as bowls, lids and more. By using standard shapes and capacities, most fixed costs are avoided.

With a modern 4,600 sq m European factory, 20 injection moulding machines with robots and a large stock, Plastilys is able to respond quickly from stock to most requests, or to manufacture in a few weeks with specific colours, thanks to its fleet of fleet of machines.

Other products include lure boxes, bait boxes, livebait buckets and a wide range of accessories.

The company also manufactures several million made-to-measure plastic spools for many spooling companies.

Respect for the environment and European regulations is also at the heart of the company, which has over 20 years’ experience in using recycled and recyclable plastics.

Compliance with European standards such as REACH or food standards is also a matter of course, as is respect for the strictest confidentiality in all new projects submitted by its customers.

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