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Why you can expect to pay more for your tackle

A perfect storm of the Covid pandemic, production shortfalls, high shipping, labour and material costs will force prices up next year.


Bass Pro and Cabela‘s plan another giant store

The huge retailer has its sights set on another massive outlet, this time a 75,000 sq ft facility in the US state of Missouri. What’s behind the move?


Will you be in deep water?

Waders are a key product sector for many. With so many options and top-quality brands, we guide you through the decision-making process.


Svendsen Sport’s showroom for all

Once showrooms were simply used as product displays but the Danish manufacturer is presenting an immersive fishing brand universe.


BUFF driving change with anglers

The multifunctional neckwear brand’s latest concept focuses not on products but people through its Anglers Driving Change initiative.


Doing Business With… Rocky Mountains

Covering a vast swathe of the USA, there are countless opportunities to fish and, naturally enough, to sell tackle. What’s the market worth?


Gear Guide 2021



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