Don’t let life box you in!

Life can box you in, what with work, household chores and so much more but the best way to break free is with a box. And not just any box, but a Plano.

The Plano brand has helping anglers, hunters, and outdoor-loving families bust out of their routines for more than 70 years. 

From tackle boxes to storage trunks to coolers, these are all as smartly designed as they are rugged and dealers around the world love selling them.

So anglers can keep all their gear neatly stowed and ready to throw in the truck whenever adventure calls. Because being prepared means you can say “Hell, yeah” to that last minute camping trip. Hit the road while the bite is hot… And be ready to make your getaway every chance you get.


Giving you the EDGE

Plano understands that angling passion can be an adventure, an escape and an outlet… but one thing it should never be is complicated.

The US-based brand with a global name continues to develop innovative storage solutions that allow users to easily store and manage their gear. With ever-evolving ways to organise, transport and access tackle and other items, Plano will keep anglers equipped and ready, no matter the situation.

Over two years in the making and countless hours of research and development has led to a tackle storage system that solves every major problem anglers encounter.

Every feature on Plano’s EDGE series is part of a well thought out system to improve your fishing. With several configurations and sizes, EDGE boxes will prolong the life of tackle and give the user an edge on the water. Simply put, they’re better in every way possible.


Help at hand

In its mission to solve every angler’s storage challenges, Plano looked to its Pro-Staff to understand why the EDGE tackle systems give anglers… well… an edge on the water.

Every EDGE experience is unique, based on fishing style. Time and experience brings new tips and tricks to get the most out of the EDGE system.

Some use an EDGE differently than ever intended, some make a small adjustment to fit a special need. Knowledge is power and Plano wants to share that with anglers and ensure dealers communicate this to their customers.

The EDGE is a concentration of innovation and little touches that make a big difference.

From the traditional fixed and removable boxes to specific boxes for spinners, jigs or jigheads, EDGE boxes will allow you to optimise your fishing trips by easily finding the lures and accessories you are looking for while extending their durability, since they will be perfectly protected from corrosion. 

All EDGE boxes are made from a special plastic, in collaboration with Armor Protective packaging, while the Rustrictor technology in the boxes delivers 360° of protection by infusing the entire box with a leading rust preventative.

The specialist in anti-rust solutions will protect your lures and accessories from corrosion as the plastic diffuses a high-quality anti-corrosion molecule throughout the EDGE box.

To take things a step further, the Plano EDGE Flex Boxes come with unique benefits, including features like a durable clear polycarbonate lid for easy tackle identification, Water Wick dividers and the aforementioned Rustrictor technology to help keep your tackle dry and in prime condition.

The EDGE Flex Series adds ultimate versatility. Available in two sizes, every EDGE Flex tackle box includes a fully customisable internal divider system plus all the bells and whistles from the standard EDGE line.

Keep your cool with Frost

With 70 years of experience and relentless testing, Plano brand Frost coolers are said to deliver exceptional results.

Plano has been perfecting injection moulding techniques since the 1960s to meet today’s high standards. The coolers take advantage of this experience, with industrial-grade moulded construction, impact-resistant protection and two-stage moulded latches for airtightness.

The coolers are available in three sizes – 14l, 20l and 30l – and hold ice for up to five days with 2.5cm of insulation in the walls, all in a robust, injection-moulded body.

These coolers are lightweight and easy to carry and also have a removable dry basket and a stainless steel bottle opener.

Once again, the Plano brand, known for the quality of its products, is committed to offering you ultra-quality products, to be used without moderation and with complete confidence.


Spec and pricing

14 Litre cooler: 50.8cm x 30.5cm x 36.3cm = 109.90€.  

20 Liter cooler 50.8cm x 38.7cm x 36.3cm = 129.90€. 

30 Liter Cooler 72.9cm x 39.3cm x 36.3cm = 189.90€