Rapala unveils smaller Super Shadow Rap

Meet the smaller brother of Rapala's EFTTEX awarded Super Shadow Rap 16... The Super Shadow Rap 11. Downsized to appeal to a larger variety of fish and to do the job on slow days, when bigger baits just don’t cut it, the smaller version of the Super Shadow Rap belongs in every predator angler’s tackle box.

Opportunistic predators can’t deny the Super Shadow Rap as it kicks hard to the side, and then slowly fades away into the depths like a dying fish. Its tall body perfectly mimics the silhouette of a big baitfish while the famous Shadow Rap action dances the Super Shadow Rap almost on the spot like an easy meal. Twitch it gently for on-the-spot action; or rip it hard to send it gliding into the mouth of a big fish. Reel it and slow roll it to trigger even the laziest pike.

The Rapala Super Shadow Rap 16 won the Best Hard Lure award at EFTTEX 2018, Europe’s Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition. This 11cm version has the same award-winning construction. The current colour selection includes 21 highly detailed pattern options from natural bait fish imitations to modern predator patterns.

Super Shadow Rap 11 Tech Specs:
SSDR11 | 11cm | 38g | Running Depth: 0.9 – 1.2m | 2x No. 1 VMC Coastal Black Treble Hooks | Durable 2-Part Plastic Body with Integrated Lip | Highly Detailed Finishes | Responsive, Tight-Turning | Designed for Predator Gamefish

Check out the full video: