Type R Tobizo winning the race for top spot

Hard-fighting fish, big lures and tough conditions call for high-performance rods. Thankfully, ZENAQ’s Tobizo Type R Racing concept delivers a winning formula every time.

Japanese brand ZENAQ has always been at the forefront of rod-building technology. It’s Racing concept product line has always been at the cutting edge, breaking down stereotypes and constantly challenging preconceptions. Its Tobizo rods truly showcase this spirit.

These rods are said to embody many qualities but they also boast a wealth of features which are designed to not only make them stand out from the crowd but also deliver performance when it matters most.

Its newly developed Hexagon reel seat, for example, is manufactured from high-strength, long-fibre Torayca carbon using a special moulding machine to form a sturdy framework. As a result, even large reels will be held securely without wobbling.

As if that wasn‘t enough, the surface of the framework is covered with a special rubber to create a new feeling of comfort in the hands.

This means the rod demonstrates an easy action, with no need for unnecessary force.

The hexagonal shape is said to suppress left and right reel rattling and transmit power without loss. This can conserve hand strength, which is the first thing to give up under intense angling conditions, increasing the probability of landing a big fish.

A rubber cushion has been devised for the area where the reel foot rests. This prevents the reel from loosening even if it's not fully tightened and stops it from rattling even in extreme conditions. And we all know how important it is to have our rod and reel perfectly integrated.

Meanwhile, the Hexagon Grip has been built to drastically reduce the burden on the angler; the irregular, hexagonal front grip allows for secure yet easy lure manipulation, along with general casting and, of course, fish fighting, making these grips indispensable for tackling big game fish.


Guiding lights

Another popular feature is the single wrapped guides, which create a feeling closer to the original blank design.

Moreover, the single wrapped guides do not interfere with the rod’s action and allow for a much better feeling, ensuring a sharp rod action.

Drawing out the fullest performance of these spinning rods is the redesigned guide system.

The T-RVSG40 is used as the butt guide to ensure further smooth line release with large reels and heavier line.
ZENAQ’s original assist guide is equipped in the tip section to minimise line trouble and keep anglers from missing any big chance.

Other additions include a Type R original metal ring, special Type R original metal parts with a laser engraved Type R logo, a gun-metallic thread and silk-printed logo and an easy-to-hold end grip.

The latter has been made with real attention to the hardness of the rubber and the surface finish while the precise combination of metal parts reduces any unnecessary grip area for smooth casting.

Constant cast testing and understanding of the grip’s requirements has resulted in what ZENAQ calls ’functional beauty’ alongside exceptional feeling to deliver perfect casts every time without undue fatigue.



Tobizo TC84-100G Type R

Length: 8ft 4in

Lure: Max 150g

PE Line: Max 8


Tobizo TC86-110G Type R

Length: 8ft 6in

Lure: Max 160g

PE Line: Max 8


Tobizo TC83-150G Type R

Length: 8ft 3in

Lure: Max 180g

PE Line: Max 8


Tobizo TC80-200G Type R

Length: 8ft

Lure: Max 230g

PE Line: Max 10