The latest in Norwegian hook innovation

Mustad’s heritage in innovation has led to yet another industry-first in cutting-edge hook-manufacturing machinery, designed to maximise wire strength and minimise fish loss. This is Ultra-Nor…

Wire forging effectively improves hook pull strength without increasing the overall wire diameter and weight of the hook.

Under standard forging techniques, fishing hook wire is pressed at the shank to elongate the wire in-line with the pull direction. Strength manifests from this change in diameter where it matters most and significantly decreases hooks bending.

Mustad employs rigorous testing to learn and improve upon fishing hook development technologies.

“Saltwater angling applications are our bread and butter,” explained Enrico Parmeggiani, head of global product development at Mustad.

“So innovating in demanding offshore fishing techniques is necessary. We pride ourselves on a team of engineers that has put years of development and testing into this game-changing technology.”


The ‘ultra’ hook

Clever engineering from the Mustad development team has created a new wire forging process unmatched in the fishing industry.

Mustad’s proprietary, patented Ultra-Nor forging technology presses the wire at all sides, compressing it into an “I-Beam” shape so that no material can escape or expand during the process.

This compression changes the dynamics of the high carbon steel, utilizing the slow tempering process that Mustad uses to improve strength to bolster the holding capacity beyond the competition.

Compared to standard forging techniques, Ultra-Nor improves pull strength by up to 15 per cent for the same wire gauge; a huge advantage in a sport where the margins between you and a catch of the lifetime are thin.


Going global

“Ultra-Nor forging technology will be introduced to many of our legendary hook shapes loved worldwide,” added Enrico. “We’ve also refreshed an iconic Mustad hook that tuna anglers will be thrilled to welcome into the range.”

Mustad has selected from its range several series of hooks that excel at catching and releasing beasts from the saltiest of seas.

From bait hooks to lure hooks, the new Ultra-Nor forged hooks series will catch the eye of any serious offshore fisherman.

To match the strength of Ultra-Nor forging, Mustad’s latest saltwater hooks have been coated with Titan Steel finish. The nano-thin finish holds up to over 500 hours of saltwater corrosion, second only to stainless steel.

“Testing these hooks have proven their success in satisfying demanding anglers,” Enricon conlcuded. “Ultra-Nor forging technology is already finding applications on a significant hook range expansion in the seasons to come.”

Products featuring Ultra-Nor will be unveiled at ICAST 2024.