Putting the ‘Wynd’ up fly box makers

Wynd Tackle might be a relatively new name on the fly scene but its Bynder boxes have been taking the industry by storm so TTW caught up with the brand’s Josh Kelly to find out more…


TTW: Why and when did the brand start?

Josh Kelly: Wynd actually started back in 2015. We used to spend a lot of time trolling for salmon in Lake Michigan, where saw the need for a better way to store salmon flies trolled behind flashers. So we designed and patented a modular storage system that works great for offshore trolling lures and flies rigged with leader. That’s really how it all started but, shortly after, we started fly fishing… and completely changed direction!

Well, maybe not completely but we made a hard turn. We again saw the need for a better way to store rigged flies. So we designed our Bynder dropper rig fly box. We wanted a box that not only stores your flies but also utilises a removable “rig card” for the storage and securing of dropper rigs. 


TTW: What makes your Bynder boxes unique?

JK: It’s very lightweight and simple. The removable rig card allows for easy customisation and gives a fly angler a spot to secure flies rigged with tippet. Pre-rig them before you go out to be ready, to save time and to tie less knots. Or have a spot to put a rig when you are in the heat of the moment and want to change it all up. Keep that rig tangle-free and organised on the Bynder’s rig card and fish on without wasting time.


TTW: You’ve not been going that long. How has the journey been so far?

JK: Starting a fishing product company is hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it, right? There’s been many times where we have had no idea what we are doing or what way we should go.

It’s those times where we have learned the most and can look back and say “we are glad we did that” or “let’s never do that again.”

One thing that was certainly a good move was going out to IFTD in Salt Lake City. We won “Best of Show” in the tackle box/storage system category. That was an extremely proud moment for us and could not have happened at a better time.

We were a little uncertain about moving forward and it proved that we need to hold our course and that we have good products that can help anglers be more productive on the water. 


TTW: What has been the reaction from retailers and anglers to your products?

JK: It’s been good! Especially after IFTD and having the opportunity to showcasing our current product and products we plan to launch in the future. We met a lot of different people in the industry and the feedback has been great! 


TTW: Anything else in development?

JK: Yes, we are going to continue to improve our Bynder fly box and plan to release a Gen 2 model. We also plan on being able to provide many different options of our removable rig/fly cards with different hook insertion patterns to accommodate other patterns of flies, even streamers. With those being removable we are working on designs of different products to swap them in and out of.

One is a simple lanyard type product that an angler can hang from their vest or pack. The other is more of a “filing” type box that can store many rig/fly cards, with one on the lid so that you have an accessible spot to secure flies when fishing from a drift boat.

That’s just a few of the many things we are working on. It’s all exciting and very different stuff that we cannot wait to be able to provide to all of our fellow anglers out there!