PENN proves its Authority with reel win

PENN Fishing has made a huge splash in the premium reel category by announcing the PENN Authority, giving competition to the highest end spinning reels in the market. It’s already won Best Saltwater Reel at this year’s ICAST show.

Almost a step above PENN’s Slammer IV, the Authority sets the standard for best-in-class saltwater fishing reels, designed for overall refinement, power and maximum performance.

It’s perfect for the angler that spends serious time on the water and demands a high-end reel that answers to any situation. It boasts an impressive IPX8-rated sealed body and spool that allows the reel to be submerged one metre for 30 minutes and stands up to the most extreme saltwater exposure and spray and wash without suffering water intrusion.

When an angler can’t afford to fail, this reel does not compromise strength or power. Using the best materials on the market, the CNC Gear technology with a stainless steel gear train and pinion gear is designed to be better supported overall to allow for long-term durability.


Making its mark
It is machined out of a solid piece of metal, ensuring exact alignment, smooth long-term performance and maximising torque when trying to get that last wind on a hard-fighting fish.

The full metal body, side-plate and rotor keep gears protected and eliminates flex in the reel’s frame ensuring rigidity under the heaviest loads.
The Leveline slow oscillation system produces a tight line lay for improved casting and reduced occurrences of wind knots – with a 12+1 bearing system for smooth retrieve with additional bearings in the spool that lends support for the drag when under heavy pressure.
When the hammer slams down, the Slammer drag system with Dura-Drag offers maximum drag pressure and features silky smooth carbon washers which eliminate hesitation even under extreme drag settings.

The washers are impregnated with a phenolic bonding agent to reduce wear. This combination brings the fight to any big-game fish, leaving zero power behind.

With all of these upgraded details combined with full seals, this is a workhorse of a spinning reel.
The Authority reel super spinner far surpasses the durability and performance required and comes into the market with sizes ranging from 2500 to 10500, making it the most durable best-in class reel on the market. The new ‘authority’ in saltwater spinning reels is here!

PENN’s senior category manager, Ben Joyce, said: “We designed the Authority to be the ultimate premium reel, focused on overall refinement, smoothness, and power.

“Using the best materials to support our reel systems and create maximum performance, we took the best of the PENN reel technologies and then levelled them up by focusing on the smallest details like the screwhead style, backup systems, and how we supported the gear systems. Our benchmark for this reel is to be better than the leading premium reels in the industry.”