Key European carp name joins EFTTA

The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA)’s drive to grow membership has been given a boost with the addition of well-known carp name, Korda Europe.

It’s the latest company to join the trade organisation, which works alongside the industry to advocate for the preservation and promotion of recreational angling in the European Parliament.

Korda Europe, the wholesale distribution subsidiary of UK-based carp brand Korda Developments, supplies not only Korda products to the continent but also Carp Porter, Guru, Delkim bite alarms and Mainline Baits.

Maurice Keulen, Korda Europe,’s managing director, met with EFTTA CEO Olivier Portrat, president Jan Mertens, vice-president Ross Honey and board member Gerard Bakkenes at the Carp De Bosch show to discuss EFTTA’s mission.

He said: “We are dedicated to supporting initiatives that champion the interests of recreational anglers. Joining EFTTA aligns seamlessly with our commitment to preserving the rich tradition of angling while contributing to sustainable practices within the industry. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded companies and advocating for the rights of anglers in the European Parliament.”

EFTTA president Jan Mertens added: “The increasing number of companies joining EFTTA reflects a shared commitment to safeguarding the interests of recreational anglers. Maurice Keulen and Korda Europe bring valuable expertise and passion to our collective efforts. Together, we will continue to make a significant impact on the policies that affect the recreational angling community.”

As EFTTA’s membership continues to expand, the organisation strengthens its position as a unified voice for the fishing tackle industry, working collaboratively to influence positive changes in legislation and policies that impact recreational angling.