Frabill’s net family brings conservation to the fore

A fishing or landing net is a crucial piece of equipment to land the precious fish we target. The measure of success is often capturing the fish to remove hooks and gently release them to reproduce and do battle another day. Frabill has developed the Conservation Net family, protecting sportfish with catch and release in mind.

Frabill led the industry 10 years ago when it introduced an entire family of nets dedicated to safe fish handling and effective catch and release. Since that time, the Conservation family of nets has been a top seller from coast to coast.

All of its Conservation nets have noe enjoyed a complete update with an improved PowR Lok yoke that is stronger and more dependable than ever. This patented yoke allows you to open the net from the stowed position every time without worrying about it being locked in place and the handle kept secure. When you have to act fast to land a trophy, no other net can be put into action faster and with more confidence.

There are many options in the Conservation Net family. However, all have a flat bottom to support fish evenly and avoid damage to fins or scales. The shape of the net, the type of mesh used and the mesh size are all considerations when looking at the Frabill Conservation net collection.

The type and size of fish you target is a significant deciding factor for the net. The craft you will fish from, meanwhile, dictates the handle length or options to land and gently lift fish to the surface successfully.

Making the right choice

There are four net models in the Conservation PLD family with a slide handle. All have a teardrop-shaped hoop and a handle that slides to 36in. Mesh ranges from ¾ to 1in, in four different hoop sizes. These are perfect for smaller boats and most normal fishing conditionsWhen you need some extra reach The Conservation PLD Telescopic Handle Nets with the updated Pow’R Lok yoke hold the handle in place when fully extended. These have net sizes that range from 17 x 19 in to 23 x 26 in. Five models to choose from means there is a size for every fishing situation.

The Conservation PLD Ultralight Net has a sliding handle and sleek lightweight design. The landing hoop is fitted with tangle-free Micro-mesh netting to treat your precious catch with care. It’s portable, lightweight and makes netting a fish by yourself fast and effective. The specialised hoop shape allows it to easily store inside the rod locker on most boats.

The Conservation Net family offers two mesh types, including tangle-free micromesh (TFMM) and clear rubber (CLR). The family uses flat bottom nets to better protect the fish. Rubber grips are strategically placed on the handles for strong, sure holds.

Conservation is the future of fishing and Frabill empowers anglers to practice safe catch-and-release while protecting fish.