Energofish adapts to help its customers

With no European trade shows this year and online ordering becoming more common, Hungarian tackle supplier Energofish has come up with an innovative solution to help distributors and dealers buy its baits more easily.

Since the market has changed to an online one almost overnight, because of the global pandemic, introducing new products has become more difficult than before.

Add in the lack of trade shows, travel limitations and fear of getting infected by Covid-19 and it is clear things have changed our everyday lives – things we did daily before, simply disappeared.

Even now, as TTW is being prepared for print, this would be the period of the final rush to get everything ready for EFTTEX, the key show for many suppliers.

In fact, this is the second summer, without any trade shows in Europe. In the online cloud, you can place orders, ask for new samples, change components and consider the specification for products but it is slow, difficult and, being honest, more boring than before.

Sending letters or chatting online just isn’t the same without the sounds, smells, or mood of exhibitions. During a successful trade shows, Energofish was able to accomplish more things in three days than it can in one month online now.

Responding to demand

It has a difficult period for Energofish, considering the most important product range is its new baits which it has been selling online.

It has been a big challenge to explain all the features, smells, tastes, softness and hardness of the baits only using pictures.

If you cannot touch, smell a bait, it is very difficult for buyers to understand its key advantages. Trade shows were the best platform to meet customers and show the products to them.

Sándor Sujkó from Energofish explained: “We believe you are able to sell those products more easily if they are ones you truly believe in. To achieve that goal, first you have to be sure that the goods you want to sell are perfect.

“Being a wholesaler, you also have to convince retailers the same. It was easy when you were face to face with an inquiry at a show. You just simply show them the product, highlight the key features and hand out some samples to test and smell. Online, the possibilities are more limited and sometimes it is impossible to provide all information, especially if you want to sell baits.”

So Energofish has started an online promotion for retailers, to provide free samples of the latest products.

Sándor added: “If we cannot meet our partners to show the products, we will send them the products so they are able to check them physically, for themselves.”

If you are interested in the free sample pack, simply register using the link below. You can select the most interesting items from the list and can create your own choice.

Sample packs are delivered for free to all European Union countries.