Leadership torch passed on at Fairpoint Outdoors

After 30 years of dedicated leadership, Jens Buhl Jorgensen (above left), the co-founder and CEO of Fairpoint Outdoors A/S, is to hand over the reins to former Svendsen Sport CEO Hans Maasbøl (above right) in May.

With a very healthy outlook for the future, Jens bids farewell as CEO to the company he has nurtured and guided since its inception.

This announcement marks a significant transition in the company’s history as Jens entrusts the reins of leadership to a new, highly capable successor – Hans Maasbøl.

Jens will remain as a member of the board of directors and assume the role of vice chairman.

Under his visionary guidance, Fairpoint Outdoors says it has achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the fishing tackle industry.

From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of innovation and excellence, Jens’s unwavering commitment has propelled the company to unprecedented heights.

This change is a part of the succession plan initiated when Capidea acquired the majority of the company’s shares from co-founders Jens Thomas Petersen Eldor and Thomas Jespersen, back in autumn 2021.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Jens expressed profound gratitude to dedicated team members, partners, and stakeholders who have been instrumental in the company’s success. He explained that their passion, dedication and unwavering support had been the driving force behind Fairpoint Outdoors’ journey this far.

Meanwhile, Hans – who played a central role in managing Svendsen Sport during the challenging Covid-19 period – brings with him a proven track record of leadership, a deep understanding of the industry and e a lifelong experience with consumer brands and

brand building across different industries.

He will join forces with the existing management team consisting of the two other co-founders Thomas Petersen Eldor and Thomas Jespersen – as well as COO Thomas Sanotra, CFO Jesper Lund Andersen and CIO Kenneth Aabenhus.

Chairman Ulla Iversen expressed confidence in Hans’ proven track record and his ability to build upon a strong foundation laid by Jens and the rest of the Fairpoint team, saying the board looks very much forward to working with Hans and taking the company even further.

The board also extended its heartfelt appreciation to Jens for his exceptional leadership and invaluable contributions to the company.