China Fish set for triumphant return in 2024

Three years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, China has finally lifted all restrictions, meaning preparations can continue for China Fish 2024!

With the resumption of visa applications for all overseas visitors, planning has been underway to stage China Fish at the New China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing from February 21st to 23rd, 2024.

And it seems the industry can’t wait to get back there to meet each other, chat with old friends, make new ones, test new products in person at its Best Product Showcase, visit factories after the show and more.

Currently, the organisers say 99 per cent of those scheduled to attend China Fish 2020 before its cancellation will return in 2024. Booth reservations have just begun with visitor pre-registration open from June 1st.

Before February 2024, there will be another two fishing tackle shows to be held in Weihai, the tackle manufacturing base in China – the CGC Show and CGC Expo 2023.

The CGC Show 2023 will be held from April 22nd to 24th at Weihai International Exhibition Center, with 451 exhibitors already booked in, of which about 40 per cent will be at China Fish too.

Meanwhile, CGC EXPO 2023 is scheduled for  September 23rd to 25th. Due to the high number of exhibitors, it is being moved from Weihai International Exhibition Centre to Weihai International Economic and Exchange Centre, which can contain more exhibitors.

Li Jiang, president of China Fish, said, “What happened in 2020 was still fresh in my memory. When we received the governmental notice of postponement of all events in Beijing on January 24, 2020, just 12 days before the opening of China Fish 2020, we were definitely shocked, for everything and everybody was ready for this show. This loss was huge. But more important for us was how to keep business contact with both suppliers and international buyers.“

China Fish had to reinvent itself and did so through an online show, e-marketing event, four ‘video-visit in-person’ shows plus its new China Fish All-in-One Platform, which features over 500 suppliers opening their online stores and 7,706 products on this platform. Here suppliers can upload information and products by themselves and buyers can contact them directly. More functions of this platform will be unlocked over the coming days.

Li Jiang said: “It was a great challenge for China Fish in the past three years, meanwhile it was also a great opportunity to innovate. The new operation model is a combination of China Fish in-person shows, its online services and its offline services.”