Changes at the top for Rapala VMC

Rapala VMC continues its strategy of handing key roles to talented young managers as it sees two long-serving senior staff retire this year.

The Rapala VMC Executive Committee, which has been renamed to Global Management Team, will be losing COO Lars Ollberg at the end of May 2022 after a highly successful 44-year career with the business.

Meanwhile, Olli Aho, who has been its long-serving General Counsel, Head of Investor Relations and secretary of the board will be retiring at the end of December 2022. He will continue serving as a senior legal advisor until the end of 2024.

Having started his career back in 1978 as a sales representative Lars Ollberg has worked in a long stretch of sales, marketing, product development and sourcing positions over many of Rapala VMC’s business units around the world.

As COO Lars has helped handle the Covid-19 pandemic-related challenges and implement the One Rapala VMC strategy across the functions and regions he has represented.

His work duties will mainly be assumed by Nicolas Cederström Warchalowski, the firm’s president and CEO, to further simplify the management structure with as few layers as possible.

Lars said: “I am so proud and humbled when looking back to my life and career with Rapala VMC. I feel very lucky in having been part of something which started small, and which has grown to a respected player in the premium league of fishing tackle industry.

“I am also very relieved in looking ahead. Rapala VMC’s journey will continue steadily, and the company will be heading to even further heights with new leadership and vision.”

Olli Aho has led multiple successful acquisitions for Rapala VMC over his 24-year career and the listing of the corporation at the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange in 1998.

He has also ensured strong governance, legal counsel and guidance to the board and Global Management Team throughout his time there.

Olli said: “I have truly enjoyed working with so many nice and passionate colleagues and friends over these years. It has been really great that I have been able to bring my contribution to Rapala VMC growth and success since 1998. Rapala VMC has developed into a truly multinational and unified company with a strong and solid One Rapala VMC strategy, which will secure future success”, says Olli Aho.

The majority of Olli Aho’s work duties at the strategic Global Management Team level will be handled by Jan-Elof Cavander, CFO, together with senior members of Jan-Elof’s finance, business development and other teams.