Zack flies into St Croix role

Rod maker has hired Zack Dalton, who has 23 years experience in the sector, as its fly fishing director of sales.

A lifelong angler, Dalton grew up in Idaho Falls with immediate access to world-class trout fishing and started in the industry as a manufacturing lead and customer service representative for RIO Products in 1998.

He was already an established presence when RIO was acquired by Far Bank Enterprises in 2005, at which time he remained onboard and began managing sales for both the RIO and Sage brands. He continued as sales manager for all Far Bank brands through to December 2021.

The 44-year-old said: “I’m extremely grateful for my many years at RIO and Far Bank. “We launched a lot of highly successful products over a number of years and that goal – bringing new products to market that help fly anglers experience greater success and more satisfaction – is really what motivated me to join this exceptional team St. Croix is building to re-establish its fly fishing brand for the benefit of anglers.”

St. Croix CEO, Scott Forristall, has deep roots in the fly-fishing industry and worked closely with Dalton in the past.

He revealed: “Zack reported to me during my own time at Far Bank. He is a student of the fly-fishing institution – the sport and the industry – and proved instrumental to the company’s success in sales but was also very involved and skilled in product development. He had personal relationships with almost everyone in the business and was the best sales manager in the fly-fishing industry at that time. I believe he still is.”

He added that St Croix was serious about using its research, technology, materials, and manufacturing capabilities to offer fly anglers exciting, inspiring and compelling new rod choices moving forward.

“St. Croix has always been in the fly-fishing market, and it was a major part of our portfolio for many years,” he added.

“Our ability to design and manufacture rods is second to none, and now we’re assembling a team that I believe will allow us to earn and command a seat at the table in the fly rod market.”