Why you should be at EFTTEX 2023

After several years of cancellations forced by Covid-19, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) is set to take place in Budapest from June 17th to 19th, 2023. One of the organisers, István Pál, explain why it’s important and how to get involved.


TTW: Firstly, István, it was sad to learn that EFFTEX 2022 had to be cancelled but you had a great replacement idea, the EFTTEX Digital New Product Showcase.

István Pál: That’s right! Entries have just closed but it is the only European showcase of new products which has a truly worldwide reach.

Entering the competition brings brand awareness and shows that a company is innovative and has something new to offer the market.


TTW: Why is all this so vital to companies, especially smaller ones?

IP: Taking a look around the world we see larger companies taking a bigger slice of the market year by year. That happens with globalisation, we can’t stop it. Family businesses, small and medium size companies are represented in big numbers in our trade and EFTTEX and the Best New Product Showcase are a great chance to make a small company visible and connect to a global trade audience.


TTW: Entry into the showcase is a great way into EFTTEX 2023. Why should companies be there?

IP: EFTTEX attracts companies, visitors and press members from the trade from around the world. Every year, since 1982, a large number of industry guests have met in just three days.

EFTTEX is the first choice for brands to launch their new products in Europe and is the best option for any size company with serious international ambitions.

However, I accept that the event has lost some of its sparkle, Covid-19 and the resulting long break made the project more and more difficult. 

EFTTEX 2023 – in Budapest from June 17th to 19th – has a great chance of attracting more people than we have had in the past.

The Best New Product Showcase Digital Edition adds additional value to the show. We wanted to encourage exhibitors to return and new exhibitors to come.

The market had changed a lot, so our intention is for retailers to come here, see the beautiful city of Budapest and also enjoy the show.

I understand people will be concerned about the war in Ukraine but Hungary is a safe country and a long way from the eastern part of Ukraine, where most of the fighting is taking place. The show is still over eight months away and, hopefully, the situation will have changed by then and the conflict will be over.


TTW: The ‘green’ message is becoming more and more important. How will you encourage this?

IP: Participants in the showcase could describe the eco-friendly elements of the product they submit. A “green booster” will be added to the points obtained from the jury, depending on how essential components and packaging materials are used.

We want companies to prove they care about environment. I believe the trade understands the message as more and more products are flagged as ‘green’.