Re-engineered and expanded Legend Tournament Bass series

Three all-new swimbait rods with an ergonomic angler interface to provide a better bass-fishing experience have grown St Croix Rods’ top-performing technique-specific series to 27 models.


Building on its expanding and proprietary expertise with hybrid blank development, St Croix’s latest expression of angler-centric design becomes reality with the Legend Tournament Bass rods, said to be lighter, stronger and poised to boost the fishing experience with improved balance, performance and capability in any technique or presentation.

Unveiled earlier this year at the 2022 Bassmaster Classic, 24 Legend Tournament Bass casting and spinning rods became available to anglers.

Then, at ICAST 2022, a trio of swimbait models featuring St Croix’s proprietary GRASP reel seat were revealed, firmly establishing a new standard in heavy-bass-lure rod design and performance.

Designed to excel in the presentation of swimbaits and Alabama rigs, these three rods bring the newly reimagined series to a total of 27 distinct technique-specific high-performance models.

Building on success

These rods feature next-generation hybrid SCIV+ carbon fibre blanks. Select reaction bait models will feature the latest iACT Glass hybrid blanks. In addition to their unique combinations of proprietary materials, the rods will also incorporate all of St Croix’s top technologies and premium components.

Despite the all the improvements, some things will stay the same… they remain handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA with a 15-year transferrable warranty backed by St Croix Superstar Service. They also retain their iconic Tournament Blue Pearl colour.

St Croix brand manager Ryan Teach explained: “Recent launches of Croix Custom Ice, Legend Xtreme, Victory, Panfish and other series have proven the performance advantages that can be attained using hybrid blank designs.

“We’re building rods for anglers today that are markedly lighter, stronger and better balanced than previous models and these hybrid designs are also allowing us to dial in specific models within each series to possess the unique performance characteristics that allow them to excel in their intended applications.

“In other words, rods within the same series may look the same, but each individual blank contains a different and distinct combination of materials.

“In the case of these Legend Tournament Bass rods, those materials are high modulus SCIV carbon, super-high modulus SCVI exotic carbon, and in the case of some of the reaction-bait models, linear S-Glass. The specific and proprietary percentages, locations, and combinations are based on exhaustive research and testing for each length, power and action.”

He revealed that the exercise of designing, testing and building the latest Victory Series opened the door to wider-ranging opportunities.

“After we saw what could be accomplished with the hybrid SCIII+ material in the Victory Series, we knew SCIV+ would be next, and the angler-favourite Legend Tournament Bass Series was the logical place to deliver the exciting advantages of this material to anglers.”