Rapala sticks it to the fish

Rapala has introduced a new member to the X-Rap family: the X-Rap Magnum Stick.

The heavy-duty X-Rap Magnum Stick casts far and swims in enticingly wide curves, making it a prime candidate for targeting large saltwater predators.

The X-Rap Magnum Stick is designed to answer the modern saltwater angler’s needs. Featuring tough through-wire construction and a textured translucent body, the 17cm X-Rap Magnum Stick is a showcase of magnum durability and detailed X-Rap finishes.

Designed for fast and aggressive retrieves, the X-Rap Magnum Stick swims in wide, S-shaped curves. When adding rod sweeps to the retrieve, the lure swims with exaggerated kicking action, triggering bites from cautious fish.

On pauses, the lipless bait dives head-down with a flutter. The X-Rap Magnum Stick’s swimming action is complemented by the life-like flash produced by the lure’s scalloped internal reflective construction.

The X-Rap Magnum Stick comes in 14 saltwater prey patterns. The coloro patterns combine X-Rap finishes, textured translucent body constructions, 3D holographic eyes, and internal holographic foil for detailed and flashy looks.

The lure comes equipped with two VMC 7266 TI Inline single hooks.

X-Rap Magnum Stick Tech Specs




Running Depth: Variable

Through-wire Construction

X-Rap Finishes

Textured Translucent Body

3D Holographic Eye

Saltwater Prey Patterns

Long Casting

Internal Holographic Foil

VMC 7266 TI Inline Single Hook

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