The importance of flotation

In the mid 1990s Fladen developed its “Fladen Rescue System” with certified flotation suits, jackets, BiB and lifejackets that will help you in case of emergency, but also keep you comfortable during fishing. They are just as crucial today…

All Fladen Rescue System flotation garments are tested and approved to the European Union Standards CE mark. There are four EU approved Newton weight buoyancy classes – 50N, 100N, 150N and 275N.

The average person requires 20N–30N to stay afloat, and a 50N lifejacket will easily support the heaviest adult, so a good fit is more important than picking the exact weight class.

Fladen’s flotation suits are certified as immersion suit ISO 15027-1 class D, which includes body heat retention standards.

Why take a risk with your life?

Fladen’s flotation suits are manufactured to stand the highest demands and are certified both as Flotation Suit ISO 12402-6 and as Immersion Suit ISO 15027-1 class D.

The criteria of the ISO 15027-1 class D test is that the wearer must not lose more than 2°C of their body temperature during two hours in 10°C water. The test result with the Fladen suit was a average loss of only 0.7°C.

A flotation suit gives protection against the first cold shock, unlike a wetsuit which uses body temperature to warm the water within the suit. All its suits are manufactured from a light, soft, wind and water-resistant fabric, which gives incredible comfort and mobility.

However, its two-piece flotation uits are not certified as ISO15027-1, because the jacket and trousers can be worn separately. The jacket alone is certified as ISO 12402-5 Flotation Jacket.

Unlike some of itscompetitors’ products, the trousers are made with flotation material and are certified ISO 12402-6 and can be used separately without jacket.


A few examples of Fladen flotation garments:

Maxximus Flotation Suit 848MX

This is a top of the range suit. It has all of the safety features that you would expect from Fladen, with many added extras. Quality is second to none. Fladen has added extra pockets including waterproof inner pockets for phones and so on, adjustable trouser brace straps plus drainage holes in arms and legs. Inside fleece covers on the zippers avoid catching clothes or skin, while extra SOLAS tape makes for better visibility from distance. It has also incorporated almost indestructible Kevlar knee pads.

ISO 12402-6 certified as Flotation Suit

ISO-15027-1 (class D) certified as Immersion Suit

Fladen Rescue System Flotation BiB Pant

If your legs float but your chest and head don’t, you’re going to be upside down in the water, drowning. Fladen’s BiB is designed to elevate the top half of your body while supporting your lower half.

ISO 12402-6 certified.

Maxximus 848XR & XG

A new flotation suit that inherited lots of features from Fladen’s previous models and received many new additions and offers a good fit, great mobility, plenty of reflective tape, many pockets - including a cellular phone pocket - and much more. There’s an integrated adjustable brace system, adjustable waist belt, hood and cuffs, water-resistant zippers, locking loops, drainage holes in arms and legs plus SOLAS reflective tape.

ISO 12402-6 certified as Flotation Suit

ISO-15027-1 (class D) certified as Immersion Suit