Fjuka promises the world’s tastiest lures

Fresh from a record year in 2021 and with big plans for the coming year, UK-based bait brand Fjuka is bringing something new to the market – the next generation of trout pastes.

David Preston, who has invented and developed more new products and bait ideas than almost anyone else in the industry, is set to revolutionise trout baits with the next generation of pastes

And, what’s more, Fjuka Lurebait has already accounted for some great catches.

David explained: “The demand for a ‘next generation’ trout bait was apparent from the sales of Fjuka Neeonz to trout anglers. Fjuka Neeonz are a hyper-bright, hookable, bait which is actually designed to catch coarse fish!

“So I set myself the challenge of using Fjuka technology to create the perfect trout bait.”

David Preston.

The lure of paste

The new Lurebait was the result of David’s inquiring mind and Fjuka’s technological know-how.

As the name implies, the edible bait can be moulded into any shape, to make lures. It’s super bright and also incorporates bio-degradable glitter. But, unlike paste baits, Lurebait is also durable enough to be direct hooked.

These unique baits come in Power Bait-size tubs and are loaded with David Preston’s special sauce – Sensate quick-release attractants.

He added: “Every Lurebait contains my revolutionary Sensate Fish Accelerant, giving off 3,000 times the taste and smell of normal oil-based attractant,s for example. It’s irresistible to trout – brownies and rainbows – grayling, perch, zander and pike, as well as carp, F1s and crucians.”

Lurebait joins Fjuka’s 2in1 Bait and Neeonz Hookbaits as a core product for Europe’s fastest growing bait brand.

For launch Fjuka is offering trade packs of 24 Floating Lurebait in hyper-fluoro pink, yellow, orange and white.

For more information, call +44 121 400 0087 or e-mail: [email protected]