FirstDart in line for more mono innovation

Line manufacturer FirstDart continues to make strides in its innovation plan, introducing an exceptional mono running line – G2R – to the market.

Singapore-based line maker FirstDart has announced the launch of its next generation running line, building on its commitment to innovation growth.

Sandy Ogata, the company’s general manager, attributed this success to FirstDart’s expertise in advanced extrusion and material knowledge.

Sandy specifically acknowledged the pivotal role played by the Research and Development (R&D) team, led by Yuhock Soh, in propelling the project forward.

Yuhock and his team are now extending an invitation to anglers to experience the superiority of the next generation monofilament running line developed by FirstDart.

Yuhock said: “When considering monofilament running lines, factors such as abrasion resistance, durability, memory-free via simple stretching, and overall performance are paramount.

“This is precisely where G2R fishing monofilaments excel. Engineered using state-of-the-art polymer blending technology and premium materials, G2R offers a multitude of advantages that elevate your angling experience to unprecedented levels."


Redefining fishing line

According to Yuhock, the G2R fishing monofilament offers a spectrum of advantages that redefine the angling experience:

1. Controlled Stiffness: The G2R running line boasts tailored stiffness, specifically crafted for monofilament applications, providing the durability essential for navigating tough conditions, mitigating tangles, and confidently landing trophy catches.

2. Temperature Stability: Anglers can fish comfortably in any environment as G2R maintains its mechanical properties in extreme low or high temperatures, ensuring consistent performance when it matters most.

3. Resilience to Impact: With superior impact resistance, G2R fishing monofilaments endure sudden shocks and rough handling, guaranteeing performance integrity even in challenging situations.

4.Chemical and UV Resistance: G2R’s resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents and UV radiation ensures longevity and reliability, enabling anglers to confront harsh conditions with confidence.

5. Premium Quality: As a flagship product in FirstDart’s Premium fly line series, the G2R running line epitomises reliability, durability, and performance, essential for connecting with trophy catches.

In summary, the G2R mono running line represents a significant leap in fishing gear technology, offering anglers a superior option that enhances their angling experience through advanced features and capabilities.