EFTTA distances itself from EFTTEX

EFTTA CEO Olivier Portrat

The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) is focused on its lobbying role as it works to safeguard sportfishing and has moved to clarify its position over the EFTTEX trade show.

In a statement, CEO Olivier Portrat has outlined the work that Brussels-based EFTTA AISBL now undertakes and clarified that the European Fishing Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX), scheduled for June 15th to 17th in Budapest, Hungary, is an independent event organised by a private company, EFTTEX Kft.

He told TTW: “Following Brexit and the closure of EFTTA Ltd and EFTTEX Ltd in England in 2021, EFTTA AISBL was established in Brussels, Belgium in early 2022.

“Since then, times have become ever more challenging for the future of recreational angling within Europe. Threats come from multiple sides and the list of tasks for EFTTA AISBL is long. [It] has been established as a registered non-profit association with membership fees entirely dedicated to finance our lobbying work in Brussels. This important role is time consuming and demands our full attention.

“In 2022, EFTTEX Kft was founded in Hungary as an independent, privately owned company to organise the EFTTEX Show. For the sake of clarity and good order, we highlight that EFTTA AISBL has no shares within EFTTEX Kft and there is no legal or operational connection between EFTTA AISBL and EFTTEX Kft.”

Following additional discussions between the two parties, Olivier added: “EFTTEX Trading does not organise the EFFTEX show on behalf of EFTTA AISBL but for the benefit of EFTTA. The profit of the show is being forwarded to EFTTA and used to save the future of recreational angling in Europe by our lobbying work.

“The EFFTA board is grateful to our board members Ciro Esposito (Europesca), Rudi Heger (Traun River Products) and Istvan Pal (Energofish) for all the energy they invest in order to bring back our ‘traditional’ EFTTEX show to life with many new elements serving the European tackle trade. They have invested considerable time energy and money into that project.

“The EFTTA board wishes all the best to EFTTEX Trading Ltd. for the organisation of EFTTEX 2023. May it be a successful revival! EFTTA invites all the trading industry around recreational angling to support the EFTTEX shows in the future!”