BIO and line pioneer cleans up at EFTTEX

Italian line manufacturer Plastools and its latest biodegradable packaging swept away the opposition at EFTTEX 2023, walking away with four awards – three for best new products and one for its trade stand.

The company, which makes around 200 different fishing line products, also introduced show visitors to a wide selection of packaging, using biodegradable materials as well as plastic-free OEM yarns.

Plastools’ CEO Moira Dal Pozzo explained: “We have launched several new products but we are the pioneers of BIO packaging. Using raw materials such as bamboo, hemp, coffee or wood, allow us to give our OEM monofilaments compostable, biodegradable or bio-based packaging. We are the only ones in the fishing market to offer our customers fully biodegradable packaging.

“We have an in-house plastic moulding department where we can create any object in biodegradable material with our exclusive recipes, as well as packaging such as BIO boxes or envelopes. We have invested a great deal of time and resources in BIO research, obtaining exceptional results and recognition from our earth-conscious customers.”

Customers loved the concept and the company was further honoured with three Best New Product awards in the carp, coarse and saltwater line categories, respectively.

Its Zero Memory line stunned visitors thanks to its total lack of memory, minimal elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance, especially at the knot. This extruded thread with advanced technology uses three different molecules and is excellent for every type of fishing.

High Visibility, meanwhile, also offers zero memory but with a super visible colouring for every type of fishing. Although highly visible, out of the water, it disappears completely when immersed.

The third winner was KS Fluorocarbon, with is saltwater resistant with a high knot strength and boasts just the right amount of suppleness while also offering excellent value for money.

All of its threads and spools can be supplied with customised OEM branding and with both organic and non-organic packaging.

As if this wasn’t enough, Moira was also delighted to pick up an award for the best stand.

She told TTW: “EFTTEX 2023 was a magnificent event, the organisation did its best to make the event happen in the best possible way. I personally congratulated the organisers on a great job and I think it was not at all easy for them but it was a success.

“I also encouraged them to organise it again, even without the big names, since us small ones really can make a difference and we proved it.

“We are very fond of EFTTEX. As a manufacturer it is the only trade fair that is suitable for us – it is the iconic European trade fair where we can meet all our customers and find new ones. It is the best showcase for the European fishing market.

“I really hope that the organisers don’t give up in the face of demands from the ‘big brands’. Let’s all think together about keeping the European market alive with a centralised fair and let's all try to look in the same direction.

“Of course we might not agree on everything, but for the common good we need to find a point of reference, to focus not on personal interests but on safeguarding the event itself for the good of our market.”