Wiley X expands support for Angling Spirit events

Wiley X, a leading provider of high-performance eyewear, has revealed it will extend its Angling Spirit sponsorship in 2024 to include three prestigious angling tournaments – the World Carp Classic, the World Predator Classic and the Sea Angling Classic.

For years, Wiley X has been committed to supporting the angling community by providing anglers with eyewear that offers unparalleled protection, clarity, and durability. Through this extended partnership with Angling Spirit, Wiley X aims to further solidify its dedication to the sport and its participants.

The World Carp Classic is renowned as the ultimate carp fishing competition, attracting anglers from around the globe to compete for the coveted title. Wiley X's support will ensure that participants have access to top-quality eyewear designed to enhance their performance and protect their eyes in the demanding conditions of carp fishing.

The World Predator Classic is an exhilarating tournament that showcases the skills of anglers targeting predatory species such as pike, zander, and perch. By partnering with this event, Wiley X reaffirms its commitment to providing anglers with the specialized eyewear needed to excel in their pursuit of predator fish.

Additionally, Wiley X's support for the Sea Angling Classic highlights its dedication to all facets of the angling community. From shore fishing to deep-sea angling, Wiley X offers a range of eyewear options designed to meet the unique needs of sea anglers, ensuring they can perform at their best while enjoying their time on the water.

Wiley X’s marketing manager, Jes Damgaard Lund, said: "We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Angling Spirit to include these prestigious tournaments.

“At Wiley X, we understand the importance of providing anglers with eyewear that not only enhances their performance but also protects their eyes from the sun, wind and other elements they face on the water.

“We look forward to supporting anglers at the World Carp Classic, the World Predator Classic and the Sea Angling Classic as they pursue their passion for fishing."