Goldfish moves home after acquisition

Fin Rage Tackle, which bought Al’s Goldfish Lures in July 2023 has officially moved the iconic fishing tackle maker to the Green Bay, Wisconsin area of the USA.

Paul Check, Fin Rage Tackle’s owner, explained: “We are excited to bring Al’s Goldfish Lures to Wisconsin, one of the bastions of sportfishing in America, where we can more closely connect with Midwestern anglers and develop the next phase in the seven-decade-long history of the company.

“At the same time, we pledge to remain true to the company’s northeastern roots. Al’s Goldfish Lures is famous for being deadly on sportfish species throughout America and the world, and our goal is to increase their effectiveness across the board.”

Moving forward, he revealed that his goals include the development of new colours in the current Goldfish, 49er and Helgy product lines, the creation of new products and offerings for ice fishermen and the development of additional product size ranges across the board to make the product line even more effective for a wide variety of fishing techniques.

Paul added: “There is a different type of fishing here in the Midwest, specifically walleye, northern pike and musky and the Al’s Goldfish products have proven successful over the years for these species.

“We intend to develop additional sizes and colours of Al’s Goldfish products to continue that long history of success.”