Costa Sunglasses pioneers billfish tagging mission

Focused on conservation and driven by its community-based ethos, Costa Sunglasses has announced the Marlin Fly Project, the first recorded billfish research mission solely using fly tackle.

In partnership with the locals of San Carlos, Mexico, The Billfish Foundation and International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the project team deployed 15 satellite tags in two days to better understand and protect this understudied billfish species.

The project, which took place in southwestern Baja, Mexico, stands as the ultimate culmination of community and conservation.

Led by Costa, it brought together some of its professional anglers and fishing guides, leading billfish scientists, conservation organisations, and community partners to pursue this mission in tandem with local captains, guides and the community. 

Costa’s brand director Jed Larkin said: “The epic fishing tales coming out of Magdalena Bay alone attracted us to the region in 2021, but what we found there was an authentic community, rich with culture, built alongside an untamed ecosystem.

“That trip sparked a trailblazing idea – what if we brought our global community of scientists, partners and pros together with the local community of San Carlos to research and protect this special resource? And that’s how Marlin Fly was born. Rooted in both community and conservation, this project is everything we stand for as a brand.”

Costa has spent the past four decades carrying out its ‘higher calling’ to protect the waters we love, connect those who come to life on the water, and to conserve the life within.

The Marlin Fly Project is an extension of that commitment. In addition to the history-making, field-science study, the project served the local community through a number of other initiatives.