Top-water twisting from Westin

Scandinavian tackle company Westin never stops when it comes to innovation. The brand responsible for Freddy the Frog and the Westin Swim lure has done it again and developed something quite special.

The trade is very familiar with the quality that Westin insists upon when it comes to lure development. One of the brand’s most well received lures, Freddy The Frog, has gained international recognition for its effectiveness when targeting predators that hunt prey on the surface. The lifelike lure has been culpable for pike in Europe while bass in the United States find it very difficult to resist the frog as it winds and crawls on the surface.

However, keen not rest on its laurels, Westin has come up with another topwater bait that features a rotating paddle-tail, called the HypoTwist.

The HypoTwist is a realistic top-water hard lure based on Westin’s old favourite, the HypoTeez. The difference is that the HypoTwist has a separate soft shad tail that has incredible movement the second it hits the water. The fact that the tail is rotating at the back of this lure also helps to create commotion on the water’s surface, causing plopping sounds and disturbances that will stir any predator lurking below.

Westin’s product manager, Elias Narvelo, and his team have been working on this concept for over a year with an anticipated launch in the US later this autumn. The team is the first to admit that, as with most projects, there have been ups and downs but, in the end, the HypoTwist finally ticks all the boxes of a successful bait. The finely tuned lure features a long-cast design, produces an attracting sound in the water and is simple to use. During field testing, the HypoTwist has shown excellent results, both in terms of number of fish caught and lure characteristics.


Straight and steady 

One of the biggest challenges the development team faced was to achieve long-casting characteristics. Westin eventually came up with the solution, which was to design a long and narrow body shape, which places the centre of gravity relatively far ahead, resulting in increased distance.

Despite its large, rotating shad tail, the lure remains stable in the water. Anglers can retrieve it quickly, pause it or simply adopt a very slow retrieve. An important feature of the lure’s behaviour is that, if it is paused on the retrieve, it will sit with an upwards incline that promotes increased hooking properties should a fish hit the lure during the pause.

Westin’s HypoTwist will be available in two sizes – 11.5cm and 14cm. Big pike will love the larger model and, while both sizes are perfect for bass fishing, the 11.5cm version is an ideal choice for perch.

HypoTwist Tech Specs

HypoTwist Propbait 11.5 cm 17g Floating   4 1/2in  5/8oz

HypoTwist Propbait 14cm 29g Floating  5 1/2in,  1oz


  • ABS plastic


  • Lead free


  • Top-water lure


  • Ultra-sharp and strong treble hooks


  • Realistic semi-soft fins


  • Soft rotating tail creates perfect action and plopping sound


  • Spare long-lasting tail included


  • Lifelike lure


  • Hand-painted detailed colours

Author: John Hunter

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