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The Winn Grips Revolution

For many years Californian based manufacturer, Winn Grips, has dominated the premium sports grip market. Its polymer technology has been receiving praise from golfers around the globe for decades, due to the grips comfortable yet “tacky” feel. 

In recent years, due in part to large tackle manufactures utilisation of Winn’s polymer technology into their product lines, anglers have quickly been acclimated to the benefits of Winn’s polymer fishing grips. Anglers from virtually all markets will agree that Winn’s polymer grips are more comfortable, highly slip resistant, and perform better when wet than most traditional grip mediums, for example, cork, EVA and foam.

Aside from the major rod manufacturer’s use of Winn’s innovative grips, anglers have been taking advantage of Winn’s large offering of after-market grip options. The company’s extremely popular rod wraps offer anglers the ability to improve their grip on existing rods, while simultaneously offering a wide array of colours and designs to meet the angler’s desire for tackle personalisation and customisation. Whether you are a Salt water angler, freshwater angler, or fly fisherman, Winn has a Polymer Overwrap that can be easily applied to improve the feel and function of your favourite item of tackle.

While Winn continues to improve and expand their polymer rod wrap lines, they have also continued to introduce other innovative after-market solutions to improve anglers experience while on the water. Winn’s Grip Sleeves exemplify this, utilizing Winn’s patented polymer technology to provide anglers with a product that improves anglers grip on reel handles. With the polymer Grip Sleeves offered in 3 unique profiles, anglers now have the additional benefit of deciding the ergonomics of their reel handles.

As impressive as Winn’s Overwrap and Grip Sleeve lines are, Winn also offers a massive assortment of custom grips that replace the need for cork or EVA Handles. Custom Rod Builders, a tight knit community that discuss at length regarding any product worthy of their most recent project, have deliberated and concluded that Winn rod building components are one of the best products recently introduced to their niche market. However, rod builders are not the only ones who will benefit from Winn’s large line of polymer grips. Winn has big plans to open more service centres where existing rod grips can be quickly replaced with Winn’s aftermarket grip solutions. By having control over the way your tackle looks is great, but having total control over the way it feels is critical.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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