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The Spirit of Zenaq

Zenaq has been manufacturing fishing rods since 1960. With its focus producing top quality products, here’s its story.

It was back in 1960 when 30 year old Kazuya Sasakura first founded the company Sasakura Mfg Co and started to manufacture bamboo fishing rods.

Eleven years later in 1971 a new material, glass fibre, came along and totally changed the rod making industry.

While bamboo had been the main material, it was regarded as very heavy for a fishing rod. The introduction of glass fibre or, as it’s more commonly known, fibreglass, enabled manufacturers to develop a much lighter yet stronger rod. Such was the rapid evolution of rod building materials it was just eight years later that an even lighter material, carbon fibre, was discovered and remains to this day the staple material used by every manufacturer.

The introduction of carbon fibre offered several advantages to rod manufacturers including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. Quite simply, it encompasses all they key feature which make rods as good as they are today. Even though carbon fibre is an expensive material, it became the main material for high quality rods across the industry.


It was in 1990 that the Zenaq brand was born and prides itself on the manufacture of quality fishing rods and accessories in its factory in Japan. For the last 58 years, Zenaq has continued to produce handmade rods, ensuring each and every blank has been produced to its high exacting standards.

All rods made by Zenaq are based on true field experiences by anglers and it’s this knowledge that helps the company to produce the perfect end product. This is why Zenaq believes its itemss are enthusiastically supported by many anglers who know the real value of a fishing rod. In 1996 Zenaq provided a complete custom-made rod service where even the blank creation and design was an option. Custom built rods had appeared on the market.


It was in 2017 that ZENAQ designed and built its flagship offshore casting rod called Tobizo. The rod has been designed with over 60 years of rod building experience and with access to the latest carbon material, Toray T1100G, the Tobizo is, according to Zenaq, in a class of its own.

What sets the Tobizo apart is its ability to help anglers reach long distances during the cast yet at the same time reducing angler fatigue which is associated with constant casting. While the Tobizo can help anglers achieve greater distances this doesn’t mean that this is its only advantage.

The rod has a great action, which is key when playing large fish underneath the boat. Without excess force the rod will cushion deep lunges and help to bring big fish up from the bottom. The Tobizo is a perfectly balanced rod that puts together power and fish playing action due to its composition of Toray carbon and Nano-Alloy resin.

The Range 

The Tobizo range of rods comprises five models all designed for use while targeting different species.

TC80-50G  for Technical game 

Length: 8’0″ / Lure: 30-80g / PE Line: MAX#4

Precise long casting control with the RG guide system is a feature of TC80-50G which targets blue runners and other species. Alongside casting ability it also has high lure controllability on 50g plugs. Its sensitive tip section will help to see small bites

TC80-80G for All-Round game 

Length: 8’0″ / Lure: 50-110g / PE Line: MAX#6

This is the all-round model. Ideal for making long casts with approximately 80g lures and targeting 20kg fish. Also, the rod will handle lures from 40g to 110g. This super-versatile model shows its potential in all places and situations.

TC86-110G for Tuna game 

Length: 8’6″ / Lure: 70-140g / PE Line: MAX#7

This model attains great casting distance above all of the Tobizo models. With this rod anglers can feel the concept of Tobizo series’ “Cast Farther than Ever” mantra. This rod is best suited to casting 110g lures with a species focus on bluefin tuna. Other than its high casting performance, its elastic blank stands up incredibly well to the run of tuna. It’s combination of Zenaq rod manufacturing technology and super carbon Torayca T1100G that sets this rod apart.

TC83-150G for Tuna and Trevally 

Length: 8’3″ / Lure: 90-180g / PE Line: MAX#8

Based on 20 years of experience and super carbon ToraycaT1100G, these polished blanks are for targeting big tuna and big GT.

The rod will perform at its best with 150g lures and its well-balanced nature will reduce angler fatigue after a long day of fishing.

TC80-200G for Trevally 

Length: 8’0″ / Lure: 120-230g / PE Line: MAX#10

The strongest Tobizo model has been created for huge Tuna and GT. The rod’s belly section can cast around 200g lures while its butt section, which can lift fish in instant from the depths, is seamlessly combined. Its strong blank of TC80-200G based on Torayca T1100G is easy to handle despite its strength, and its improved integrity will be the greatest weapon of expert anglers.

Author: John Hunter

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