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The Savage Gear Highrider Kayak

Savage Gear’s latest inflatable fishing vessel has it all. The Highrider is packed full of features to help you target heard-to-rewach species. TTW takes a deeper look …

Savage Gear has brought to market some of the most innovative baits and accessories for the lure angler. It was only a few years ago, that the company started working towards creating innovative belly boats that could challenge the ordinary belly boat market with a view to stepping it up to another level… enter the Savage Gear Highrider Kayak.

Savage Gear gave one of its pro staff members, Tomáš Fiďák Fiedler, the kayak to thoroughly test over the last six months. As an avid belly boater, Tomáš is no stranger to small inflatable craft but he was blown away by the Highrider.

Tomáš said, “What really makes this kayak good is that the seat is so much higher than on ordinary belly boats. This makes room for better casting and a much more comfortable trip when your legs are not in the cold water all the time.

“I normally use it for shorter trips, simply because it is easy to grab under one arm and launch into the water. I’ve also used it for all day events. The Highrider weighs around 20kg so it’s easy to pop it on the shoulder and walk to the water.

“Another key factor is that nothing is complicated and you can enjoy the feeling of freedom when fishing. Also, due to the kayak’s flat bottom and high buoyancy, it can enter more shallow waters than any other vessel on the market. The only thing protruding a bit deeper is its stabiliser fin. However, this makes the kayak even easier to sail and more stable.

“I have also found that the kayak is great to stand and fish from. I weigh 95kg but, even so, the kayak manages to keep stable. When standing, any angler will know that it’s easier to cast and get a good overview at the same time. The Highrider has a loading capacity of 200kg, which means that I can stock up on coffee and fishing tackle when spending a whole day fishing from it.”

Highrider Tech Specs

  • 0,9mm Amored PVC Sheet
  • Proctec air valves x4
  • Lightweight 3 pcs Paddle
  • Adjustable sliding aluminuim cross bars x3
  • Slide-on stabiliser fin
  • Pack-down strap
  • Repair Pro Kit
  • Practical foot pump included
  • Net weight 20kg
  • 330cm total length


Savage Gear regards the Highrider as “The ultimate inflatable fishing kayak”. To find out more visit



Author: John Hunter

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