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The Mikado Brand

Polish tackle brand Mikado will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019. The key people behind the brand give an insight into what has kept them growing in the industry for 30 years.

Agata Wisniewska – Mikado’s marketing and e-commerce director explains – Mikado is a brand that’s been created out of pure passion with a dream to design innovative products. Wojciech Kurowicki who built it from the ground up formed the company. His enthusiasm and drive is still developing Mikado’s business framework to this day. Wojciech is also a professional angler and having competed in many of anglings competitions he really is best placed to keep pushing the company forward. As a business we take part in many fishing tournaments and industry events spending countless hours on the water to listen to and gain feedback so that we can develop products suited to our customer’s needs. One thing that we have realised is how crucial access is to our product information so it was important that we created a website to assist our customers in obtaining such information. The website gives full details of all our products so it is a great service to offer so product parameters can be checked with ease. I would say that the one thing that sets Mikado apart is our ever-growing number of product testers. The team consists of incredibly passionate and professional anglers from all over Poland and other European countries. The team is a great asset for the brand as it’s these guys that really bring the brand and products to life by showing customers how things work on the water.

We are very proud to say that we have the trust of our clients and have recently received awards including GOOD BRAND in the Quality and Trust categories and for the third consecutive year we have won the ERA Award for Lure of the Year in Finland with our Saira and Fishunter lures.

With progression, things change, and we feel it’s now time to change our visual identity. The logo now includes a black and red design that represents the talons of an eagle and also the first letter of our name. We felt that the change was necessary due to the fact that our portfolio has somewhat changed and we now have more products covering many different angling disciplines which is reflected in our slogan – “Total Fishing”

Marcin Gruszczynski, Mikado’s Domestic Sales Director outlines Mikado’s distribution and sales structure. Over the last 30 years, Mikado has become a well-known brand across Europe within the fishing tackle market. From Finland, Russia and Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Germany and all the way to Spain, our distribution network is constantly expanding as we are continually acquiring new distributors as anglers all over the world are falling in love with our products.

My role within Mikado sees me coordinating sales within our domestic market as well as over our southern border in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The domestic sales network includes nine travelling salespeople and a four-person customer service department. Every one of them is a passionate angler, which is highly advantageous in our specialised market. Our salespeople are not just responsible for sales; they are also active in monitoring the market, bringing new ideas to the boardroom, testing tackle and spearhead marketing strategies. Some of them are part of the team that represents the brand at domestic and international sporting events so it’s great to have them on board as a valuable source of knowledge. I firmly believe that clients are the most important part of any organisation and that is no exception here at Mikado, which is why I instil this factor into my co-workers, as it is them who are in direct contact with our customers – The anglers.

All of the changes we are making are geared towards the improvement and streamlining of order processing, logistics, delivering and servicing our products. There is a B2B platform integrated into our new website making it simple for our customers to access information. Our slogan, Total Fishing, sums up Mikado perfectly as we carry over 10,000 products which are used in most fishing techniques.

Grezegorz Kajcinski, Mikado’s Purchasing Manager gives an overview of Mikado’s design process. Mikado products are created by our in-house design team who at every stage of production are involved. From the idea all the way through to its implementation and manufacturing, all of our designs are created in strict cooperation with engineers from esteemed companies such as Fuji, Seaguide, Toray and many others.

The field testers of Mikado products all play a key role in the development of new projects. They spend many hours on the water which gives us the best insight into how products are behaving away from the design room so we are quick to fine tune the products to the exacting standards required by our customers. I wish to reinforce the fact that whatever product is created by Mikado, from a swivel to a stopper or a state of the art rod or reel, it will be made with the utmost care and consideration in order to meet the expectations of anglers. In short, Mikado is made by anglers for anglers!

Author: Simon Calvert

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