Svendsen Sport will be showcasing awesome products EFTTEX

The biggest swimbait ever mass-produced!
Crazy new products are waiting to be unveiled like the all new 4D Pike and our new 3D Snake
The 4th dimension is created with our detailed Photo Chrome skin print and strike provoking scent! The details are incredible and so life-like, it will be even harder for the predator fish to resist a full committed attack!

Do pikes eat snakes?


The perfect baby snake imitation, with the most realistic swimming topwater action. The lure swims with a wide S-action and hungry pikes eat it like a wet piece of spaghetti.


REAL TREE Fishing Jacket

The unique desing of the patended Real Tree pattern is made to make you disapper on the bank.
The 100 % waterproof membrane is going to protect you againt every thinkable element, so you can keep going – All night loooong!

Introducing 3K Bite Alarm

The 3K Bite Alarm is the result of a 2-year project which has seen countless tests, tweaks, more tests and further tweaks. The aim was to produce a compact, water- proof alarm with unrivalled battery life while remaining feature-packed and pleasing to the eye.

The body features a crossover-construction consisting of high grade aluminium, 3K Carbon and high strength nylon, reducing weight where possible whilst maintaining overall strength and durability.
The K3 Alarms are fully waterproof (IPX6 rated) and come supplied with protective covers.

See you at EFTTEX !

Author: John Hunter

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