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Spanish fly firm casting for business

Responding to increased interest in fly fishing in many countries, Spanish tackle manufacturer Baetis is looking to grow the market and find distributors in a number of territories.

Born in 1998, Baetis is a brand which specialises totally in fly fishing, with 3,500 products, ranging from rods and reels to flies, lines, materials and a wide range of accessories.

It was conceived from the need to gather all the items necessary to practice this sport under one unique brand.

Baetis is also the official sponsor of the Spanish Fishing Federation and, in recent years, its anglers have won several medals in all categories, demonstrating the success of ‘Spanish’ fly fishing techniques and showcasing the quality of Baetis’ products, which are the result of partnerships with the best fishermen.

The success of Spanish fly fishing team has led to an increased interest in its techniques and products all over the world and Baetis offers the most innovative developments following  Spanish fly-fishing techniques, including specialist Spanish dry fly, tandem (dry fly and nymph) and nymph-only fly-fishing techniques (also known as perdigon).

As a result of this success, the Baetis brand is actively seeking partners in any country where freshwater fly fishing is practiced but it is especially interested in expanding its market across Europe, North America, Chile and Argentina.

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Author: John Hunter

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