Rapala adds ‘chunky, funky’ family member

Meet the newest member of Rapala’s Shadow Rap family – the Fat Jack! This compact little rattling lure is a lot stronger than it looks, thanks to its wire-through construction.
The Shadow Rap Fat Jack is long-casting and dives fast when cranked. With a very slow rise on the pause, it perfectly imitates the fade of a dying baitfish. Designed for slow presentations with a steady retrieve and built with a subtle natural rattle created by two internal glass beads, the Fat Jack draws aggressive strikes from even the most passive fish, while the wire-through construction gives it the backbone needed to withstand hits from the biggest fish.
Detailed Shadow Rap Series baitfish and attractor patterns help cover all fishing situations. It’s suitable for any predatory fish species around the world that likes eating baitfish or small shrimp. The colour range consists of 25 fish-catching options. Fat Jack comes equipped with two VMC Black Nickel Hooks.

Shadow Rap Fat Jack Tech Specs:
SDRFJ04 | 4 cm | 4 g | Running Depth: 3 m | 2x No. 10 VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks | Slow Rising |
Wire-through Construction | Detailed Colour Patterns | Subtle Rattling with Glass Beads | Designed for Trout and Perch

Watch the video:

Author: John Hunter

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