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Plano A-Series Quick Top 3600 and 3700 Tackle Bags

Global manufacturer of outdoor storage solutions, Plano, has come up trumps with its Quick Top tackle bags that feature a whole host of functional features that anglers everywhere will benefit from.

Since 1952, Plano has been at the forefront of storage solutions for fishing tackle. It’s a fact that every item of fishing tackle needs a place while anglers are on the move which contributes to a hassle free day doing what angler love doing the most, catching fish.

These latest bags provide the ultimate in tackle protection as its hybrid construction of a hard interior and soft and comfortable outer makes for a robust yet stylish product.

There are two bags in the range, the 2.0 Quick Top 3600 and 3700 which both have similar features with the main difference being the size.

Both bags feature moulded hard-top lids with dual, water-resistant compartments that are ideal for phones, sunglasses and other frequently used items. The hard top unzips at its base and flips open for easy access to the four included Stowaway boxes inside the bags sizeable interior, soft-sided compartment. The bottoms of the 2.0 Quick Top Tackle Bags are also moulded and are made from a high impact-resistant high-density polyethylene, which help keep water from intruding from a wet deck. The moulded bottoms also retain the shape of the soft compartments easily removing and replacing the included Stowaway boxes.


Not wanting to compromise on exterior storage, Plano has included five pockets with the biggest featuring MOLLE webbing, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Basically, in non-tactical terms, these are durable loops that are perfect for carrying needle-nose pliers, forceps, scissors, hook sharpener files and a choice of other often-used items.

The 2.0 Quick Top 3600 comes with four 3650 Stowaway boxes while the 3700 has four 3750 Stowaway boxes. Both of these Stowaway models can be configured with the dividers to carry everything from tiny hooks and split shot to large spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

Both bags feature a removable, padded shoulder strap that make carrying them easy and comfortable.


Tech Specs


*          Moulded hard-top with water-resistant quick-access compartments

*          Moulded impact-resistant HDPE waterproof base

*          Oversized moulded zippers for durability & easier use

*          Large exterior mesh pocket with MOLLE webbing

*          Removable padded shoulder strap

*          Five exterior pockets

*          PLABA600 Includes four, 3650 Stowaway boxes

*          PLABA700 Includes four, 3750 Stowaway boxes


Author: John Hunter

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