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Mustad – Mustad’s Triangle Concept

Ask most most people to come up with a hook brand and it is highly likely that Mustad would be top of the list is. It is believed Mustad is sold in more countries around the world than not only any other hook brand, but any other fishing tackle brand. It is renowned as the best-selling name of fishing hooks globally.

But it is no secret that in recent years the Norwegian company has faced far stiffer competition, so it is continuingly looking to stay a-head of the game..

The latest addition to its port-folio is its Triangle Hook Concept, the ultimate balance of functional strength and cutting edge design technology.

Nils Folmer, Mustad’s global design and marketing manager, has been instrumental in this new development of hook and tells TTW all about its conception, design and the technical details of the range.

“It’s not easy to come up with new breakthrough ideas for a fishing hook however in 2016 the departure from a traditional round wire hook was started. This new concept – Mustad Triangle Concept or (MTC) was initially started as a project with the idea of building a hook that would not move around in a fishes mouth like that of a round wire hook. The MTC range of hooks utilises three flat surfaces in a triangular shape to give a more solid hook hold.

Inspired very much by stealth technology similar angles have been recreated. The MTC design is constructed using a proprietary three-way optimised forging process that yields 10 per cent more strength than traditional wire. The high strength triangular hook shank transitions seamlessly into a perfectly tapered round wire which finishes at a welded ring for maximum knot security.  Mustad Triangle Hooks feature two point technologies, Mustad’s flagship UltraPoint and new Triangle Point, the sharpest and longest lasting points of their kind.  Further enhancing the design and construction features, Mustad Triangle Wire hooks are finished in either new advanced Mustad® T-Steel – a non-reflective low visibility finish with unparalleled saltwater corrosion resistance; or Mustad® TitanX non-reflective, low-visibility, slippery smooth, nanotech finish. From a simple glance, the shape, lines, and finish tell you this is a hook like no other; Mustad’s® design and engineering team has clearly achieved the most advanced design technology ever built into a fish hook! “

It is not the first time Mustad® has invented technology and machinery with a goal to reach new heights.  Since 1877, Mustad® has controlled its own production all the way from the wire which is made in Norway to finish in its own factory in Wuxi, China. No other fish hook brand can duplicate the combination of Mustad’s production facilities and in-house highly skilled engineering staff that has resulted in Mustad’s legacy of turning the ideas of dedicated anglers and pro staffers from a dream into a reality.

Mustad® introduced three models of Triangle Hooks packed in an exclusive box made from sustainable materials at this years EFTTEX in which they won the Best New Product Award


The models are:

39950TNP MTC UltraPoint Demon Perfect Circle

  • Mustad® Triangle Concept Wire
  • UltraPoint®
  • Round wire welded ring
  • T-Steel Finish
  • Size 3/0-10/0


10814TTP MTC 4X Triangle Point Hoodlum®

  • Mustad® Triangle Concept Wire
  • Triangle Point
  • Round wire welded ring
  • T-Steel Finish
  • Size 1/0-10/0


412TTP MTC Triangle Point Catfish Hook

  • Mustad® Triangle Concept Wire
  • Triangle Point
  • Round wire ring
  • TitanX Nanotech Finish
  • Size 2/0-10/0

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Author: Simon Calvert

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