Mustad makes the change

Amid the ongoing issues surrounding lead weights and associated products, O Mustad and Son is making a stand by introducing an alternative to lead with its tungsten range of products.

It’s a fact that lead is a highly toxic chemical element that has negative effects on both the nervous and reproductive systems of humans and animals. For years anglers have used lead in many different applications while fishing however, with increasing pressure to ban its use, companies have had to focus on finding alternative, environmentally friendly materials that serve the same purpose as lead.

Mustad takes sustainability very seriously. Already the company is taking big steps to reform its packaging policy and now its 97 per cent eco tungsten range of terminal tackle aims to replace lead.

what makes tungsten unique?

Tungsten weighs 1.74 times the same-sized shape made of lead. This means a 20g punch weight made of tungsten is smaller than a 20g punch weight made of lead. The fact that it’s smaller allows increased sensitivity, less resistance and more contact.

Mustad has developed a range containing 56 items over 12 different designs, which will cover virtually any fishing situation – including worm weights, flipping weights, punch weights, screw weights and nail weights.

A unique property of this range is the Mustad TitanX finish. This is a ‘No-Chip’ finish with unmatched durability, which enhances the life of the product. This benefits both the angler and, ultimately, the environment.

Environmental focus

The range is launched in Mustad’s new sustainable packaging, which is a part of the company’s sustainability strategy. Like trying to solve the lead problem, Mustad is putting in huge resources to be a part of solving the global plastic issues that threaten wildlife. Its goal is to be plastic-free however, in order to do this, there is a lot of work to do. In Mustad’s latest knife and tool range, the packaging is 100 per cent plastic free.

The changing of all its packaging to sustainable recycled paper automatically brought a new look and feel to the Mustad brand, which came from recycled materials. Combining the recycled look with powerful colours has not only made the new Mustad packaging stand out from the crowd but it has also achieved a modern and cool look. The company experienced a strong wow effect at EFTTEX in Brussels and gained extremely good feedback.

Solving a global problem

Mustad’s packaging concept is strong and will undoubtedly be attractive to both retailers and anglers. The eye-catching yet sustainable designs will present Mustad in a highly visible and respected way while, at the same time, helping to solve the global plastic problem.

Author: John Hunter

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