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Mustad – Getting Jiggy with it

World-famous Norwegian fishing tackle manufacturer, Mustad, releases its latest range of vertical jigs complete with its Ultrapoint Jigging Assist hooks.

The art of Vertical Jigging, Asian Jigging, High-Speed Jigging – however it’s known – has been and still will be responsible for many fish captures for anglers using the technique. The style itself involves lowering a dedicated jig from the side of a boat to the required depth which is then rhythmically retrieved through the water layers vertically to entice bites.

The secret to the jig’s success is its manufactured profile. The jig’s cross section is machined in various ways that has an effect of action when retrieved through water. Mustad has added three vertical jigs, all with differing characteristics, to its lure range.


The Zippy jig is a bottom weighted vertical jig ideal for targeting schooling pelagics, such as tunas and jacks. The wider profile of the Zippy jig causes it to flutter on the drop, drawing the inquisitive attention of these species. When worked near the bottom of shallow reefs, the jigs come into their own when targeting reef dwelling fish like snappers and groupers. However, the Zippy is equally successful when being retrieved quickly on the water surface with its surface skipping properties that enable it to look like a fleeing baitfish.


The Daggerman jig is a 60:40 front-weighted vertical jig specially designed for amberjacks, yellow tails and dogtooth tunas. The Daggerman is best presented in short rapid pumps with short pauses in between. The aerodynamically shaped Daggerman rips through the water column and during the short pause, immediately dips head down, resembling the natural movement of a struggling baitfish. Most hits are usually encountered right after the pause.


The Moonriser jig has a slim profile and weight concentrated near its head. Due to its streamlined design, it descends quickly and is great for fishing spots that hold structures, such as wrecks. It cuts through water with minimal resistance and allows the angler to jig in deeper water. Long stroking, with a moderate retrieve is ideal for the Moonriser.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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