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The top 10 reasons to buy a mobula fishing drone.

Powerful Payload

The Mobula drone can carry a massive payload of nearly 8lb (3.5kg). For big fish like marlin, swordfish and tuna, you need big baits. Trying to fish with a typical, non-waterproof drone might work for small fish but only the Mobula can carry heavy baits for long distances. The bottom line is, if you want to catch huge fish, you need a drone with a powerful payload. 

Bait Deployment Up To Two Kilometres

There are many fishing techniques can help you get your baits a long way from the shore: balloon, kite and cannon etc, but none of those methods can reach very far and have safety issues: balloon and kite casting and can be very hard to operate and cannons may easily hurt passers-by. The Mobula fishing drone, on the other hand, can accurately deploy your bait two kilometres away without hurting anyone.

100 Per Cent Waterproof

The Mobula is totally waterproof and, of course, saltwaterproof because it has been designed entirely for high-end sea fishing activity. Everything is waterproof including the drone, the battery case, the sonar etc.


Although it’s a beast of a drone that can easily battle extremely harsh weather, its propellers are foldable and it can turn into a very tame animal that can ride on your back. It really does have great portability.


When you’re out sea fishing, many anglers can get their drones into trouble because the distance they fly is further than their fishing lines. Many DIY drones are unable to do anything to stop this happening, and in cases like this their drone can fall into the sea. To add to the damage the rods might also be pulled into the water, now that’s a big problem!

Rippton has designed the Mobula with a minimum resistance threshold value that means once a certain resistance in drag has been reached, the drone will automatically release the line to protect the drone and the rod.

Wireless Sonar Read System Within Two Kilometres

The Mobula’s incredibly powerful wireless sonar can read the bottom at a depth of 600 feet and up to 1.25 miles from the shore or your boat.

SOS System If Lost In An Accident

Losing a drone will ruin your day, week and even month, that’s for sure. If you are unfortunate enough to ‘lose’ your Mobula, it will automatically land, on either the nearest surface or the nearest landmass and shut down all other functions, except the alarm light and GPS. The 1000-lumen alarm light can be seen from nearly a mile away.

Dummy Control For Everyone

You don’t need to have any drone flying experience or any other machine operating experience. When piloting Mobula, all you need to do is touch your iPad screen – no toggles, switches or joysticks. Every casting, delivery or scanning mission can be easily accomplished, even by beginners!

Perfect Performance In Harsh Weather

The wind resistance level of Mobula has reached the level 5 on the Beaufort Scale (30km/h), which is, in any case, virtually unsuitable for any fishing activity. Compared to the more standard level 3 (18km/h) that most drones can cope with, Mobula has been born ready to be the most powerful player in the game.

10 Fishing Spots Sharing Function

All users with or without a mobile drone can share their fishing spots and experience on the internet web platform; others may benefit from the shared fishing spots and interact with the fishing experience they’re interested in. Along with that information, fishing associations, professional and even celebrity anglers may release information about local fishing tournaments so that users of the app can join these local events. 

Author: Simon Calvert

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