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Manufacturer Focus: Kashima Blanks

Chinese rod blank manufacturer Weihai Hanhigh was founded back in 2002 specializing in rod building and rod components. It wasn’t until 2017 that the sub brand Kashima Blank was launched. Kashima Blank can supply a full range of high-end rod blanks that include blanks for spinning, bass fishing, carp fishing, feeder fishing, fly fishing and jigging to name a few.

The materials used in rod construction are from some of the world’s top suppliers such as Toray and Mitsubishi. With the market becoming more individual and the increased demand for customized and handmade rods, the Kashima project was launched enabling a full supply and design service to its customers which includes blanks, design, rod components, assembly tooling and equipment.

Over the years Weihai Hanhigh has seen many changes within the tackle industry however it has now become easier for it to deal with the global enquiries it is receiving by launching the dedicated brand Kashima. With improved and more modern communication channels such as the Internet, social media and online selling, customers can easily now make contact with manufacturers making the whole process a lot easier.


Historic problems are now a thing of the past and the company has seen an increased number of enquiries such is the ease of contact. It has now set up its own special team within the Kashima brand who are dedicated to the Kashima Blank project which includes bespoke engineering and a design team which are on hand to help customers through the whole process. Customers get individual treatment however they must realise that the work will be more complicated and therefore more effort and care will be taken on customers’ requirements.

Weihai Hanhigh supply to the global tackle market and manufacture most fishing rod configurations. Customers are more than welcome to design their own products and get in touch with Kashima through its dedicated website There, potential customers can find out more details on how Kashima could help them.


Tel: 0086-631-5381858 – 0086-631-5381861

Author: Simon Calvert

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