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Polish tackle brand Mikado has a strong line-up of hard lures that cover all eventualities. The forward-thinking brand has taken into consideration anglers’ needs, regardless of where or what they fish for.

It’s no secret that many anglers are brand loyal and only like to use certain products produced by their favourite brand. This creates a challenge for companies to come up with products that keep anglers coming back for more. Anglers are now venturing down different paths, experimenting in different disciplines and want to use the same brands products for both freshwater and saltwater and for different species. Mikado is producing a wide range of hard lures that will cover it all.


The ‘Trout Campione’ pendulum spinners are Mikado’s answer to the rising interest in ultra-light spinning for trout. These spinners are available in 15 different colours, each with two weights (1.5g and 2.5g). They are equipped with a single barbed hook and have been profiled purposely for effortless striking and playing fighting fish. What makes these micro-spoons special, though, is the carefully crafted profile, making them extremely versatile. They work effortlessly with a steady motion in rapid waters, especially against the current.

Mikado’s mini pendulum spinners are the ideal choice when it comes to targeting perch and a trout. Not only are they the perfect lure for ultra-light spinning, they have been exceptional during ice fishing trips. Its main feature is the inclusion of a single hook that not only increases the effective strike ratio, it also doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the spinner, unlike a treble. The single hook feature enables the lure work more aggressively, even when freefalling through the water.


There are over 40 models of wobbler available from Mikado, each with differing actions, size, colours, shape and sinking grade.

They are made from hardened ABS plastic and contain a stainless steel wire core. Each wobbler is finished off with super sharp treble hooks that are made to match particular angling styles.

The range is substantial and starts with the smallest models dedicated to ide, chub, trout and perch fishing, right up to large yet incredibly selective pike jerkbaits or catfish wobblers armed with BKK treble hooks.

Catfish Lures

Mikado even has a wobbler dedicated to catching catfish called the Meanest Cat. It’s designed to handle the largest catfish there is and its ultra-strong build quality is no match for the catfish. It has incredibly strong treble hooks that are connected to rings made of a single steel wire that passes through the entire body of the lure. This lure, depending on the size, will sink down to two or three metres, enabling it to enter river riffles and gullies.

Another lure with catfish in mind is the Bogey, which has been designed with great looks and a luring sound that quickly grabs the attention of fish and provokes them into attack. The lure has been fitted with a rattler system that attracted a huge number of fish during the testing phase. The lures are made with a very sturdy treble hook and strong braid to give peace of mind to anglers. To make the lure even more tempting, the addition of earthworms on the trebles has proved successful.


Mikado’s Norway Quest Pilkers are lures designed for fishing in Norwegian waters. They are fitted with super strong and ultra-sharp, reinforced VMC treble hooks and incredibly durable connector rings. These large 500g and 700g pilkers are made for deep-water angling. They are available in a classic pilker shape and also with a well-defined action and realistic designs.

Author: John Hunter

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