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It is going to be a Savage Summer!!

Savage Gear are no stranger to picking up awards and after 2017’s staggering line of award winning and Innovative products, the brand is confident that the trade is curious to see what craziness is coming up in its future product line ups.  

The 4D Line Thru Pike – this could be the most realistic Jack Pike imitation ever made? Serious Pike anglers around Europe know just how deadly a pike imitation lure can be  and how often very big pike are seen and lost when they attack smaller pike especially after being hooked  during the fight!

The Savage Gear team took the 4D Line thru Pike to a new level, both with details, swimming and the size of the lure.  With an impressive 48 centimetres, this may be the biggest swim bait ever mass produced.

The lure is based on a 3D Scan of a real jack pike with perfect details including a Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent.  The small jacks, in periods, are the favourite prey for big pike and these super realistic lures will undoubtedly cause chaos on the water during the cannibalistic nature of big pike. The lure swims with the most realistic S-curve action, and will sink slowly on spin and stop.

The 4D Pike has been designed and developed with Savage Gears proven and effective Line Thru design whereby during the fight the lure will slide up the trace away from the pikes shredding teeth and with the weight of the big lure not near to the fish, it cannot use the weight of the lure to help throw the hook.

Product Features

-4D Photo Chrome Skin Print

-Strike Triggering Scent

-Rattle slot in Paddletail

-Slow sinking

-Easy change Line thru system

-Pre-rigged with Carbon49 line thru modifier rig and red treble

There are three sizes available 25cm – 37cm and an imposing monster of 48cm

The 4Play V2

One of the most Iconic lures that has caught thousands of amazing pike across Europe over the last decade is the 4Play V2Lure. This lure is based on a 3D Scan of a real herring with a perfectly designed ABS body that swims with a super seductive and provoking action. This is the ultimate swim bait for many predator fish.

Product Features

Semi Soft PVC tail

Hard ABS body, incorporating new and incredible Photo Chrome colours.

Two models and three sizes!

Swim and Jerk – Super S-Curve action – great side glide for stop and Go – Slow Sinking

Liplure, Erratic flashing S-curve, with provoking noise super for stop and go – Slow Floating

Sizes available – 13,5cm 16,5cm and 20cm.

These lures have been under development and testing over the past year and Savage Gear are now at full speed with its production. The 4Play V2 lure will be available for delivery this summer in the shops. The test results have been incredible and the testimonial that will be released on Social Media will make headlines.

There is no doubt this lure will be one of the most talked about releases in the lure fishing world this summer and autumn.

Author: Simon Calvert

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