Hook maker shines at White House

Fishing hook manufacturer Eagle took its chance to showcase some of its products at the ‘Made in America Product Showcase’ at Washington’s official presidential residence, the White House.

Businesses from each of the 50 states were invited to display their products that are made and produced in the United States and Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Company showcased its American-made Fish hooks.

A White House official said, “We were excited to once again host businesses from all 50 states at the White House to highlight and celebrate American-made products. President Trump and his administration are proud to tout businesses that create jobs and support our local communities.”

Founded in 1925, Eagle Claw has remained steadfast in its commitment to American manufacturing. Eagle Claw’s president Mike Jackson said, “The commitment to American workers is one of the biggest strengths of Eagle Claw. It’s made us the innovation leader of the hook manufacturing business.”

The only American fish hook manufacturer, Eagle Claw is widely regarded as having the sharpest hook point available in its Trokar line of hooks.


Author: John Hunter

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