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Geoff Anderson Introduce the NEW Tsuba 2 Fishing Jacket

The Tsuba 2™ Fishing Jacket from Geoff Anderson is a high quality and precisely tailored garment for the angling connoisseur. Its sophisticated technology is what the company call simply advanced. The Tsuba 2 has been developed on the advanced knowledge that Geoff Anderson has acquired throughout the years of manufacturing fishing jackets. The Tsuba 2 is packed full of features to keep the angler more than comfortable for a day out on the water.

The Tsuba 2 is a complex jacket to manufacture however the designers were up for the challenge and have created what they believe to be the most advanced fishing jacket in the world. So what is it about this jacket that’s just so special? Firstly, the fabric that it’s constructed from is lightweight and strong. The fabrics tensile strength is more “puncture proof” which anglers know, when walking over rocks or through vegetation, there is a risk of exposed clothing becoming ripped. The shell fabric design features a waterproof and breathable film that improves angler comfort and prevents external moisture and wind from penetrating through the fabric. While the film is doing its job by preventing element penetration, the flipside of this process allows excess moisture to escape from the inside. The way this works is by a principle of moisture movement through the fabric. Moisture is absorbed into the film on the inside of the jacket which then transports through the film by water vapour diffusion, finally evaporating from the outside face of the jacket.

The technology used has enabled the team at Geoff Anderson to create a jacket that has no pores that can become clogged, which could compromise moisture vapour transmission. Because of this, moisture vapour transmission rates remain high during end use so comfort is not compromised. This technology also exhibits good stretch and recovery qualities, which greatly reduces potential tears. The internal layers of the jacket have been improved in such a way that they are more durable and will withstand plenty of movement from the wearer. Also, worthy of note is that the outside of the jacket has been treated with a BIO-finish which is free from any PTFE/PFOA particles.


Other features of the Tsuba 2 are its all new pocket design. Version 2 features a “waterproof pocket in a waterproof pocket”. This pocket is the closest Geoff Anderson has been to a “real waterproof pocket design”. Tsuba 2 features six front pockets, one inner and one back pocket. There are two hand warmer pockets with magnetic closure a small front zipper pocket complete with a YKK® AquaGuard® zip.

The new pocket design includes detachable magnets which can be attached to your favourite tools for easy and quick access. Any tools attached to the magnets can be fixed into one of the integrated elastic cords ensuring that nothing gets lost. Both of the front pockets can expand if necessary and folded back again when emptied while the hand warmer pockets, as well as the back pocket, uses an innovative magnetic zip closure. The system works by way of once the anglers hand is removed from the pocket; it will automatically close so there is no chance of items falling out or rain getting in. The front of the Tsuba 2 is equipped with a variety of different fittings for attaching your accessories, keeping them within easy access for when quick tactical decisions need to be made. The two hand warmer pockets and back pocket also feature a very clever magnetic closure system where the pocket closes automatically when your hand is removed.

The new hood is three way adjustable, packable and tighter than ever before which will function correctly as not to cause any blind spots.


The Tsuba 2 has been developed in an extremely technical way and due to the complexity of the manufacturing; the jacket had to be manufactured 45 minutes away by aeroplane, away from the company’s Copenhagen Head Office.

Geoff Anderson guarantees you second to none quality jackets that have undergone a strict waterproof test before they leave the factory.

Visit for more details and to view its full range online. Geoff Anderson are looking for US & Canadian distributors so get in touch with Jakob on


Author: Simon Calvert

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