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Fishpond has a new take on Tacky Fly Fishing

US-based tackle innovator Fishpond has bought fly storage manufacturer Tackl Fly Fishing and is already introducing recycled materials into its 2020 line-up.

The move means that Tacky’s growing product range – including more colours, packaging and sizes – will benefit from Fishpond’s well-known design skills nto to mention its distribution capabilities.

The acquisition fits seamlessly into Fishpond’s mission to provide uncompromising function, style, and authenticity to the fly-fishing community through thoughtfully designed products.

For years, Tacky has been the first to market with innovative silicone fly storage systems, earning six IFTD Best of Show awards in that time, while Fishpond, as an industry leader in environmentally responsible design, will now incorporate more recycled materials into the composition of the latest boxes.

The Tacky founders and team, including Tim Jenkins, Shaun Curtis, Eric and Ki Aston, will continue to work with Fishpond in developing products and exciting opportunities.

Tacky Fly Fishing president Tim Jenkins said: “Our companies are built on the principle of doing more for our communities, for our industry and for the places we all cherish. We quickly realised that we could be more impactful in the most important ways if we partnered together in everything that we do.

“Most significantly, though, we are anxious to undertake the important work of being leaders not just in product design, but also in impacting the world around us through environmental awareness, charitable outreach and helping others find joy in the sport we all love.”

Both brands have an extensive history of disrupting the industry with products and features previously unseen in the market.

John Land L Coq, founder and CEO of Fishpond, added: “The heartbeat of our line of products has just been amplified with the acquisition of Tacky. With their leadership in design, we were excited to find ways to collaborate and bring our collective assets under the Fishpond organisation. We share a creative spirit and a dedication to bringing new ideas and designs to the market.”

Fishpond’s 2020 line-up will include nine redesigned storage systems and it has already scooped an IFTD 2019 award for its Fly Dock boxes.

Author: Simon Calvert

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