EFTTA CEO explains show postponement and refund policy

Olivier Portrat, the CEO of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA), has defended the decision to postpone EFTTEX 2020 and roll over bookings to 2021 rather than offer refunds.

In a video statement on EFTTA’s website, he blamed Covid-19 and the resulting travel restrictions for the need to postpone this year’s event in Prague and argued that all EFTTA’s lobbying work is financed by the show and this has been severely hit by the pandemic.

Some exhibitors have requested refunds but Portrat says that the show’s contracts clearly state that, in case of force majeure, any refunds or postponements are at the discretion of the organiser.

Rather than cancelling and offering refunds, which in the fiscal year would only have been possible for around half of the bookings and would have caused severe financial hardship to EFTTA, the decision has been taken to ‘simply’ move the show on a year, with all exhibitor bookings unchanged.

By moving the show to next year no exhibitors lose any money, as they will be included in the 2021 event.

Also, Portrat comments that refunding exhibitors would mean no show at all in 2021 and formed the reasoning behind the board’s decision to postpone and issue no refunds: “In this way our exhibitors get the show they have paid for, just one year later. But at least EFTTA can continue the precious lobbying work at the European Union’s Commission.

“We need the full support of all the players involved in the angling industry. We need to stand united; any hostility among us will harm our future.”

To see the statement in full, click on this link: https://www.eftta.co.uk/media-centre/news/ceo-olivier-portrat-appeals-to-the-angling-industry-over-the-future-of-eftta-and-efttex/?fbclid=IwAR0o47AhVk0olLwmfmZIHlVkwviNzadtGDZqjEqa4RWP4Rg0HMFifL_2WK4


What do you think? Are you affected by the ‘no-refunds’ policy and will you be going to EFTTEX 2021? We’d love to hear your views. E-mail john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk or david.haynes@dhpub.co.uk

Author: David Haynes

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