Echo Pro unveils perfect combination

For the first time ever, a sonar depth sounder and underwater camera combine, resulting in the game-changing Echo Pro, a complete fish and feature finder.

Why settle for just sonar technology when you can have the power of both sonar and live video. Echo Pro does everything market leading portable sonar devices do but with added advantage of live video streaming.

Now anglers can uncover the secrets of the places they fish, discover snags and weed beds, reveal the composition of lakebeds and river channels and accurately map the depths of waters. Echo Pro uses powerful sonar and crystal-clear video to locate features and fish, allowing you to target your quarry directly.

Whether casting from the bank, using a boat or even a bait boat, Echo Pro’s combined sonar and video guarantee you miss nothing. It’s packed with features including sonar, lake mapping, history info and high-quality live video streaming and recording.

The portable device has a range of 100 metres and is easy to use by simply attaching it to a rod and casting to the required area.

Information is sent over immediately to your screen so you can begin compiling bathymetric maps in real time, while the storage feature allows you to save valuable GPS data for future trips and offline map analysis.

At the same time, you can combine this sonar technology with live camera action along with Sonar technology to finally see what you have been missing as the wide-angle lens captures everything – no more guessing to find the perfect fishing features.

As well as streaming live pictures directly to your screen, users can also record the action and play it back on a mobile device, download saved videos and post on social media not to mention storing up to five hours of footage on the built-in SD card.

With the launch of the Echo Pro, we have been inundated with questions on its capabilities and how best to use this exciting new sonar depth finder and underwater camera; to help you learn more about the places you fish, which will ultimately mean you catch more fish we would like to share our top tips and answer any questions you may have.


Top tips

  • Switch to Sonar mode and cast out into the lake, slowly drawing the Echo Pro back over the surface, looking for depressions on the bottom, sudden changes of depth, features and fish themselves.
  • When you find something interesting, switch to the camera for real-time video confirmation.
  • Build up maps and store them for future referencing; those on a campaign can soon build up a whole map of the lake, which will be invaluable throughout the year.\
  • Use the fish alert to detect the depths that fish are actually patrolling, this is a massive advantage when zig fishing.
  • Check baited areas to know whether fish have been using your spots. This help decide whether you fish a particular swim or if you continue your baiting campaign.


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Author: John Hunter

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