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DUO: Collaboration is key.

What is the perfect chemical equation for ultimate angler happiness?  When you can find the ultimate compounds that induce anglers to be successful, everyone wins. Imagine one of the worlds most talented lure designers having the freedom to create lures in a way that the world’s greatest angler can utilise. Imagine, arguably the world’s greatest tournament professional on the planet releasing his freedom in designing and developing lures. Imagine future projects being fuelled by a new technologically advanced JDM facility, in fact, the largest design facility in Japan capable of state of the art innovation, utilisation, functionality, quality and durability. This is not a dream, It’s reality.

Formed in 2017, the deep desires of two great men converged in an arena meant for success.  The era of lure creation has just created a new, industry leading octave not yet felt or achieved by other companies.  Meet the Adachi and Aaron convergence. The collaboration between Aaron Martens, three times Bassmaster Angler of the Year, and Masahiro Adachi will be unleashed to allow the expert angler a refreshing journey into lure performance.  DUO’s signature of Nippon Quality will continue and with DUO’s confidential and multi-stage Research and Design Testing and its Team will solidify the rise of new innovation.  DUO’s has never been a follower and neither has the heart and mind of Mr. Adachi and Mr. Martens. Each lure has been thought of with passion, pride and individuality.

Looking ahead of the game and competition has never been an issue for DUO’s team. The fact that DUO is forever looking forwards and with a togetherness of great minds and great designs, the future looks very bright and one that lure anglers will be very happy with. The products available are certainly worth waiting for.

The Realis Jerkbait

Considered by many as one of the greatest Elite anglers of all time, Aaron Martens has put the angling world in overawe with his incredible and natural abilities to catch bass in any condition. Aaron’s love for the Realis Jerkbait was expressed prior to 2017 and now, unveiled for the first time, this is just the beginning of Aaron Martins signature elite colours.  These patterns weren’t invented in a day but were painstakingly refined over many months.  It wasn’t enough for the colours to attract bass. His goal was to make the patterns intoxicating and able to draw fish from distances.

The Realis Crank G87

The G87 has for several years belonged as an important addition to Aaron`s arsenal and now with the new signature series he will be putting his stamp on it.

Aaron said, ” It’s not only the longest casting, most accurate deep crankbait for its size. It dives better, is more versatile as well the most consistent deep crank I have ever used”

DUO is very happy with the collaboration and has some very big plans for the future. To find out more visit

Author: Simon Calvert

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