ChinaFish 2020 Aims To Return Soon

After 10 months’ preparation for ChinaFish 2020, which is its 30th anniversary, the show was postponed due to the abrupt outbreak of the epidemic, which is now called NCP for short.

In order to curb the spread, the Beijing Municipal Government issued an urgent ban calling for all big events to be cancelled or postponed. Almost overnight, all major events complied, followed by smaller entertainments, including KTV, restaurants, parks, malls, etc. Schools have also suspended opening. Some of the cities have been shut down and most residents are staying in their homes.

Many of the exhibitors and buyers felt quite anxious and worried about this change. Some of the exhibitors told the organiser that it has been conventional for the fishing tackle enterprises, especially those based on export, to attend ChinaFish for overseas orders, and most of the orders and production schedules for a whole year were made according during the event. Once it was cancelled, the loss would be fatal and irreparable. And many  international buyers asked us to send the new date of the show as soon as possible, for they had also planned to purchase for their stores for a long time.

Though frustrated, the organisers of the show are quite positive regarding this emergency. They tried their best to contact the buyers one company at a time to make sure that they’d received the news of the show postponement as soon as they received the ban from the Beijing Municipal Government, even though it was still the Chinese Spring Festive Holiday which is the most important festival in country. And they contacted all the hotels to help guests get a refund without any commission fee.

When asking by the exhibitors and the buyers when and where ChinaFish 2020 will be held, the president of ChinaFish, Mr. Li Jiang said:“On February 7th, the speaker of National Health Commission of China said at the press conference of the State Council, that the increase of the newly-infection had been going down for two days consecutively, which showed that the previous measures to curb the virus were effective. If the inflection point of NCP would appear later this month, most of the primary cities will return to their normal life and there will be an ‘all-clear’ in late March. We hope ChinaFish could be held in the middle of or later on this April at the same venue, which is the first choice for us and the second choice for us is in early May.”

Author: John Hunter

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