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Big win for Westin in WPC 2019 – again!

This Saturday, World Predator Classics 2019 was settled in the Dutch town of Hellevoetsluis. The prestigious three-day competition is a tough one to win. The score from every day is combined into a total result, which means that a bad day has major consequence-one simply cannot afford to fish badly. This year, Westin participated with three teams and at the end of the competition they could sum up a fantastic result: 1st and 2nd place overall and finally 3rd in the team-category!

Radek Filip and Martin Stepka from the Czech Republic are the 2019 champions. Their carefully thought-out tactics and techniques were 100% successful. With a 3rd-place last day they managed to win the whole competition. Their total result was 1 + 5 + 3 = 9 points, which is impressive.

Two-time champion Luc Coppens took 2-place. Together with Jeroen Eijssens, they managed to advance from 4th-place to 2nd-place the last day through their 1-place on the final day of the competition. Until 7 minutes before the end they were in the leading position of the whole competition but Radek Filip managed to catch a prizewinning pike. The difference between success and a position further down the field can sometimes be extremely small.

Luc Coppens and Jeroen Eijssens competed together with last year’s champions Enrico Di Ventura and Frank Bussmeyer in the team competition and succeeded with a praiseworthy 3rd-place.

To claim that the Westin was successful in this year’s WPC edition is almost an understatement.

Westin WPC Champions

2019 – Radek Filip / Martin Stepka

2018 – Enrico Di Ventura / Frank Bussmeyer

2015 – Luc Coppens / Jeremy Staverman

2014 – Luc Coppens / Jeremy Staverman


Author: John Hunter

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